Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday at Choupinette!

Credits: Google Images. 

I'm blessed to have good friends around me and they are always there for me during my good and bad days
They are always supportive and there for every reason. 
I must have done lotsa good deeds in my previous life to call them as my good friends/BFFs in this life. 

They are those that I kept since my secondary school days and have never left me. 
I always think that secondary school friends are those who will not leave you 
Cos we watched each other grow up. 
So many episodes of laughter, sorrows and tears. 

We make it a point to celebrate each other's birthday. We make sure that none of us are left out. 
Of which 2 of them celebrated their birthday in March. 
And off we went to Choupinette!

Heard so much about Choupinette and I was getting all excited to try their brunch menu. 

**BEWARE of Photo Spam**
I'm getting hungry!

-all the photos are taken by yours truly, Valene-

In case, you need the address
And I don't remembering them accepting reservations. 

Their Menu looks so happy just like Candy Crush! 

Simple words in the menu makes me feel good. 
Their French delicacies are really to-die-for!

Their wordy and lengthy menu! 
*if only there are photos*

My Love for Mushrooms stays!

Each Brunch comes with a glass of Premium Juice & Hot Drink. ^-^

Filled with Easter Decorations. 
Eggs, Bunny & Hens. 

Starting the day with caffeine dosage!

A cuppa Mocha & Grape Fruit Juice
The mocha is overly sweet, please.

How about Latte
Tasted much better than mocha. =p
A Cuppa of Coffee shared with Friends is Happiness Tasted & Time Well Spent

And I really mean it really taste good, cos I almost gobbled the whole basketful of baguettes!
Toasted to perfect with yeast aroma. :)

Ok, I admit I DID NOT order this! 
Although, I'm on a clean diet, I cannot survive salad when I know my purpose is brunch. 
#Eatclean is only valid on weekdays. 

Eggs Royal's
This is not my order, but errrr.... 
you are so super photogenic~

This is mine!
The Tristan's - Poached Eggs & Pork Sausage
It looks kinda pathetic and I think it will look better with some greens. 
Tasted not too bad but I prefer the one at Skyve, anytime. 

Birthday cake is a must. 
There wasn't much choices left on the shelves, so we decided on this Dark Chocolate Pralines
oh boy, it tasted quite good! 
with some crisps in between and the chocolate was not too bitter to begin with. 

Then it was time for gifts!
This was the only photo that literally means gift, 
cos the rest of us gave cards & red packets!

All of us present except for one. :)
These are my precious friends that I've kept for more than a decade. 
You girls are so precious to me!

And we ended off the birthday celebrations by watching <Warm Bodies>
Such a touching and meaningful show. 

Hope my entry did not make your tummy growls!

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