Thursday, March 14, 2013

White Valentine

White Valentine is a day in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day

On this special day, the girl will express their love to the guys by presenting them a box of chocolates. 

Happy White Valentine! 

And so this post will be on how I spend my post valentine day dinner. 
It was a perfect dinner ended with a scare of my life!

About a month or so before Valentines day, I reserved a table at Dozo Restaurant 
Reason is cos i was craving for it since the bf wanted to bring me on my last bday, which did not happen cos he did not make any reservation. :(
So I decided it will be my treat this Valentine. :)
Super sweet right? I know. 

BF insisted on not splurging so much for Valentine day, but the stubborn me insist to go for the dinner. 
But he was totally indulging in his food! 
and added that it was truly a good experience and worth the go! :) 

So we started off with the yummy welcome drinks :)
Drinks in the test tubes 

Our Drinks

The side dish
-include foie gra, scallop and smoke salmon-
I've learn to appreciate foie gra from here =p

His King Crab Appetizer

My cold cuts 

His starters 
Escargots! super salivating just when i'm typing this. 
oh gosh!

My Starter
Beef Tendon 
-literally melts in the mouth-
*swallow saliva*

My Mushroom soup with Truffle
was quite below expectation actually. :( 

His main

My Main
-pork cheeks-

Ended the Night with Creme Brulee~

and warm lava cake 

This ends the simple valentine affair :)

But that was not all!
I had the largest scare of my life on this day!
cos after I called for the bill, I realized that my wallet is not in my bag!!!!! 
dafug right?? 
I search high n low but still no sight of it. 
Immediately my brain was filled with flashes of memories from the afternoon. 
And I think I left my wallet in the office.
*keeping fingers crossed that I din left it in the cab when we made our way to dozo*
so I rang my colleague up, cabbed to her place and collect the office key and rushed back to my office. 

My wallet was hibernating in my drawer!

So spoiler right? 
Initially I tot I could end the evening with a happy taste bud and a happy tummy
after all the hoo and the haaassss, 
I almost forgotten about the wonderful evening. 

so this sums up the valentine day celebration. 

I had a scare, hope you had a great Valentine Day Celebration! 

Till the next entry!
It's TGIF TMR!!! 
I Love you, FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Credit: Google Image

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