Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holland Village Flea

I used to think that flea are for uncles & aunties to sell their very old/vintage/retro items.
*my bad*

And I dump all the unwanted clothes to my dad and he will bring it to the karang guni.
or I will just chunk it into the dustbin.

The first ever flea I went to is this Flea at Holland Village
I was introduced by my bunch of BFFs who wanted to sell their clothes 2-3 years ago
and I'm so happy that this flea is still ongoing since then.

I'm glad that my items are able to find themselves a better owner.
To be frank, my clothes are all hand washed and in tip top condition
I dare to say that my items are mostly worn 2-3 times.
Call me impulsive shopaholic.

Although this flea does not enjoy the luxuries of being in the aircon
But for goodness sake, it has improved a fair bit since the 1st flea I went.

The flea was initially under those humongous "New Moon" umbrella with 2 square wooden tables and 2 chairs.
But now this flea has a huge tentage with a couple of fans installed.
so much cooler and airier.

Don't expect the crowd to be young or willing to pay
*for me I feel that more impt is to be able to sell away the heap of clothes*
The crowd are mostly pinoys/PRC and some locals.

Of cos at such place, you won't be able to sell off at $5 per piece
I usually priced my items at 3 for $10
for better quality clothes/bottoms, I will clear them off at $4 -$5 per piece
And towards the end, I will sell at a freaking low price!
*biz mind*

Every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month
It is set at 1pm-9pm
But some people set their booth early, cos early bird gets the crowd.

After exchanging a few SMS with the organizer, you will be allocated a booth number.
2 square tables and 2 chairs.

$30 per booth
Payable on the day itself :)

Some Photos of the Flea

My Heap of Clothes :)

After 2 hours. 
The person opposite my booth is so tired! =0

All the Happy Customers!

My Opinion
I prefer HV Flea compared to flea at Scape where people are looking for new clothes at dirt cheap price.
I will join this HV flea maybe once 6 months to clear my wardrobe.
Per flea I attend, I'm able to earn back about $150+++ after deducting the booth cost. :)

Even though it's a lil out of the way, but the feeling to selling the stuff with your friends and knowing that your wardrobe has lost weight plus seeing customer loving your items really make the day worth while.


Hope to see you at the flea next time!


Happy Weekend!
Short Work Week ahead~~


  1. Hi there!
    Much appreciate if you can link or provide me the contact of the organiser for HV flea market?


    1. Hi

      I've inputted the contacts as above, I contact the person via SMS. But the person in charge does not reply immediately.

  2. Hello...
    Just want to know is it we can sell anything used brand new items with any price we want?

  3. I loove going to HV Flea Market! Sometimes I can tell by the person selling if her clothes fit me. Then I'd buy a lot from that booth. Would end up having an entire week's wardrobe for $20 to $30!!!!

  4. Hi do you still take part at this flea?

    1. hi, recently nope. i haven been joining the flea. r u joining anytime soon? :)

  5. Hi can you provide pls the address for the flea market..thanks a lot!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Do you still take part in the event ?

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