Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shiok Moments

March didn't start the way I thought it should have been.
Clocking more over-time than usual.
Just hopeful that I won't be clocking in more hours after this week.


I haven been attending yoga since CNY
Yes, it has been this long. I practically have no time for myself.
Even if I have, most of my time will be spent on replenishing the hours lost on sleeping.
No yoga, but some runs in the evening to burn the fats.
And eating more healthy food.
If you have following me on Twitter and Facebook, I have been eating in with either home-made salad or sandwiches.

The simple pasta salad that I made for Lunch.
-Home Made Honey Mustard Vinegarette dressing-

A very simple and fuss free salad that requires less than 20mins of making.

Sharing my recipe as below

1. Spiral Pasta
2. Rockets
3. Onions
4. Tomatoes/Cherry Tomatoes
5. Ham
6. Rockets
7. Green Pepper/Olives (Not added, cos I dislike the taste!)
8. Salt & Ground Pepper

1. Dijon Mustard
2. Mayonnaise
3. Olive Oil
4. Honey
5. White Wine Vinegar

Boil the pasta in a pot adding in half teaspoon of salt. While waiting for the pasta to boil and soften to your own liking, cut the onions (sliced)/tomatoes (cubes) /ham (sliced)/green pepper (sliced).

Sauce: Mixed 0.5 table spoon of mustard with 1.5 tablespoon of mayonnaise & 0.5 tablespoon of vinegar
Adding in 1.5 tea spoon of honey
And lastly add in a little olive oil
Mixed them well.

Drain the pasta and run them in cold water.
Pour in all the ingredients together with rockets and mix well.
you may want to include a hardboil egg if you wish.

pour in the sauce and drizzle with some ground pepper.
Refrigerate it
And it's ready to serve!


ok, back to the topic!
The only enjoyment I had was the dinner at Koh Grill & Bar
*Koh Grill & Bar was previously located at Suntec Food Republic*

Meet both Yingtian & Shermaine for a much dinner.
We choose to meet for some shiok moments!
All thanks to Shermaine, now that we know we can reserve the table!

As usual, I was late for the dinner. But glad that the girls resisted ordering before I reached.
I think we are all too hungry that we managed to gobble down 3 Shiok Makis, Fried Udon Yaki, Bacon and Asparagus Teppanyaki & 3 Soft Shell Crab Hand Rolls!

Mad love the 1st Generation Shiok Maki!

The lovely girls who never fail to cheer me up 
The girls whom I whatsapp everyday
Very thankful to have known you girls! 
Feel happy with me, angry with me and upset with me. 

My super awesome matching gift
a bracelet that I've been looking for.
Black x Leather x Charm
Why you know me so well??


Good News for Dressing Dollies

We managed to hunt down a Spring/Summer 2013 Chanel Collection.
The Inspired Boy Flapped Bag

An item that I already ordered for myself!

According to Coco Chanel, 
Girls need to be Classy & Fabulous

For every girls need a Little Black Bag
This pretty number swooned lots of compliments
And we thought we will do a pre-order.
How can we resist such a temptations?

At such an affordable pricing, we know you will not regret it.

Hop over to Dressing Dollies
and not missed this pre-order.

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