Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Korea Day 3

Yet another post on my Korea Travelogue
I know it's like never ending... 
But I hope my itinerary is of some help to those that are travelling to Korea.:)

Hongik University

Directions: Five minutes walk from exit # 6 of Hongik University Station (Subway Line2).

The Yummy Ginseng Chicken that we had! 
Near Trick Eye Museum :) 

Trick Eye Museum
*no words but i think pictures will speak for themselves!*

Cupid Struck~

Real funny!

We Love MONEY!

When's the bus coming? :|
Love our new hairdo?

Why are you shaving his hair? 
He will be jobless!! 

Hello Kai Kai & DD! =D

Getting a little overboard ahhhh... 
shhhhhhxxx =X

Please don't bully me :(

Where's my leg?? 

All in all, trick eye museum will be worth the moolahs is you love photo taking. 
Cos there is nothing pretty much to see
plus when u see the environment, it sucks. 
But the photos turned out like what is above. :)
We spent quite a lot of time in the museum cos we love taking photos! 

Did not plan Hello Kitty Restaurant in our itinerary
But so happen that we pass by, we decided to drop by and rest out legs.
The pastries were all super cute that we are dunno what to choose. 
Should we choose the photogenic ones or should we choose those that we love? 
argh! heck!
We decided to choose one that we love and one photogenic one! hahaha. 

Hello Kitty can have mouth too!  =p

The shopping stuffs were cheaper comparing to Dongdaemun. 
The shops are more young and hip, imo. 

I scored a pretty knit top from Hongik! :)

Next post coming up soon!

~~Happy Weekend~~

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