Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Shape Time

As much as I wanted to join the Shape Yoga by the Park, I have to wait for another year. 
Cos it clashes with my overseas trip
I wonder how nice it will be to be doing yoga with all the yoga lovers at such an early morning. 
Not only inhaling all the positive ions, but also the fresh air!

That being said,
I joined my 1st Woman Marathon, Shape Marathon
Last year, by the time I got to know about the race, think either the registration was closed or I had something on. 
Well well well
I think I wasn't that keen to join any marathon except for the Standard Chartered ones.
Cos Danny can go with me
I need a pacer, a buddy and a pusher! =D

So in order to fulfill the goal that I've set for myself beginning of the year, 
I joined my 2nd marathon. :)
Quite proud of myself that I joined a marathon without much hesitation and with a "push" factor in my mind
I hope I did not make the wrong decision. 
Cheers to my 2nd medal of 2013.
And a healthier Lifestyle ahead! 

Hope to see those who know me around. 

See you girls, 7th July 2013. 

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