Sunday, March 3, 2013

CNY Round Up

It's been a week after the CNY 15 days are over.

So this entry gonna be filled with all my OFTD 
Not exactly all, cos sometimes it just slips out of my mind to take a snapshot of my outfit. 

CNY First Day 初一
Usually we will wake up very early at around 7.30am and make our way to the temple for praying. 
Every year there will be half a day where I will be on vegetarian, which is on the first day of the Chinese Calendar. 
It has always been a tradition since the day I 懂事
A tradition which may or may not follow in the following year and years to come. 

Usually on this day, our family will dressed up in brighter colors to welcome the new year 
And, Mum will cooked the 甜汤 with 红枣,百合, 龙眼
symbolizes 甜甜蜜蜜,鸿运当头, 合家平安, 龙马精神
I will definitely head home next year for this yearly tradition 
This also serves as our breakfast! :) 

My Outfit of the day
TracyEinny English Floral Dress 
(Reviewed earlier) 

My Arm Swag for the day! 
Miu Miu Leather Cuffs
T&C Charm bracelet
Hermes Inspired Bangles

Spend 50cts to check my luck for the new year =)

After all the temples visiting, we headed to my aunty and uncle place for lunch and... 
My First day was spent eating my tummy away and gambling away 

CNY Second Day 初二
My mum will be praying at home while me can get a longer sleep! :) 
So instead of the usual routine where we will go to our uncle's place, this year my first venue was to Danny's Place. 
Lunched at his place and interacting with his relatives 
(which is the first time seeing them) 
And informing them about our wedding date :) 
 After that we headed to Thomson to my Aunty's place. 

My Outfit for the day! 
Kristine's Snow Laced Qipao Top
ASOS Snake Print Skirt (so apt for CNY, please!)
Miu Miu Leather Cuffs
Juicy Couture Watch
I bun my hair & made myself more suited for this attire LOL! 

Our one and only selfshoot this CNY 
mehh... :( 

CNY Third & Forth Day 初三/初四
Kudos to CNY on a Sunday, we got another day of rest! hooray~
So we woke up even later than usual 
a rest a much needed after a hectic week before CNY 

My Neckie for the day! 
JeanineGabrielle Girls Next Door 
Love Bonito Gilroy Blouse (White)
Think I looked super girlie here 

My Outfit for the day! 
JeanineGabrielle Girls Next Door 
Love Bonito Gilroy Blouse (White)
Love Bonito Seltzer Skirt (Burgundy)

Love how these items actually "blend" together to create sleek and girlie look. :)
Score brownie points~

CNY Fifth Day 初五
*Valentine Day*
Happy Valentine Day!
Yet another year where the CNY and Valentine day meet :)
No fancy dinners for the day as we both think we will prolly be the "carrot" for the restaurant. 
But still, I decided to wear something more lacy, romantic for the mood :) 

Getup for Valentine :)

My Outfit for the day! 
ASOS Lactice Peplum top 
*ultra love the cutting* Super flattering!
Korea Hot Pink Bodycon Skirt
Prada Bag
Heatwave Wedge 
T&C Charm Bracelet
Juicy Couture Watch

I was given a little surprise when I cabbed home after shopping. 
If you are following me on twitter & facebook, 
you would already have seen this 
my FaceBook Status: 
this valentine, He gave me a bouquet of roses and bears that can last a lifetime . It marks the end of our singlehood valentine day. This bouquet is really meaningful. ♥

Loved You Yesterday
Love You Still
Always Have
Always Will
Simple words like this means more than a thousand word long essay 
.Simple love. 

Anyway, this photo is taken from my shelves of Figurines that I've collected over the past years. 
Posted a photo onto Instagram if you are following me 

CNY Sixth Day 初六
A fast week and we are off to celebrate Vday together. 
Not going to over elaborate on our Vday dinner (gonna do up a post on it)
Otherwise this entry gonna be superrrrr long!

Decided to wore this ever since I bought it. 
A dress that I decided way back and decided to keep the dress until today lol!
Not exactly the type of dress that I will wear 
But I super love the flowiness and lightness of it :) 
*thumbs up*

My Outfit for the day! 
Love Bonito Tasha Toga (Purple)
Prada Bag
Pazzion Weaved Flats
BCBG Satin Watch
T&C Bracelet

Decided to hitch on a belt but kinda upsetting cos the skirt keep riding up. 
but I'm still loving it for the prints 

very lomantika! haha. 

CNY Seventh Day 初七

Happy Birthday to you!
In Lunar Calendar this day marks the day of everyone bday 
and also the day where we have lo-hei
鱼生- 祝大家捞个风生水起, 万事如意, 身体健康
发! 发!! 发!!!! 

No OTD cos this day is where all the relatives will come to my house to 拜年
and we will have the 鱼生 ready for everyone

**Side note: my BFF gave birth to a healthy and pretty baby girl on this special day!**
Hello Baby! 

CNY Eighth Day 初八
Zoo Run/Annual House Visit/Yingtian Invite 

Woke up pretty early for the Zoo Run that I have been anticipating for
But it turns out to be the most disappointing one.
Carpark Full, Raining day and after crossing the finishing line, Medals were Out of Stock 
*Jaws dropped*
Drenched and Disappointed
Was pretty late due to the queuing for the carpark and I think the route planned was not that good
Difficulty in running cos there were many kids around and mummys and daddys pushing the prams and carry their little ones. 

After the race ended, immediately came home, washed and changed for the next itinerary ahead. ^^
Annual House visit 

My Outfit for the day! 
LollyRouge Phoenix Faerie Top (rose pink)
Polo Raulph Shorts 
Prada Bag
BCBG Satin Watch
Miu Miu Leather Cuffs
Coach Flats

Massive Photo Spamming Ahead *beware*
- Pretty Ladies Ahead- 
Theme: Anything Lace/Crochet 

Photo grabbed from Gwen :) 

Photo grabbed from Veronica 
- Hilarious Shot - 

No Prizes for guessing why we are seated on the floor with monies on the table

Thanks for inviting me to your Intimates CNY
and Yingtian for the Tiramisuhero 
Yummy~ #nomsnoms

CNY Tenth Day 初十
LOL! cannot even remembered what I wore for the ninth day! 
totally no recollection at all. hahah

We arranged a lion dance in the office to chase all the bad luck away :)
Really a Mischievous one that I've ever seen 

My Twinnie for the day! 

My Outfit for the day! 

Kristines' Snow White Lace QiPao
H&M Salmon Pencil Skirt 

After knocking off, it was another round of feasting 
Real yummy food. 

6 out of the 8 dishes!
Filled to the brim 
Drools at the Abalone and the todiefor suckling pig! #Fatfatfat

CNY Twelfth Day 初十
Dinner Feast with my ex neighbors, we are really close after we shifted from our old estate. 
It feels really good to see each other on the yearly event. 
Catching up on each other and playing with the babies around. 

My Outfit for the day! 

Love Bonito COVET Harelde Shift Dress (Black)
GG<5 PigSkin Heels
T&C Charm Bracelet
Ted Baker Vintage Watch

In order not to look so black for CNY 
Don on a glam piece of accessory :)

 My Neckie for the day! 
TracyEinny Sparks and Pearl Necklace :)

That marks the end of my CNY 
I had too much feasting & enjoyment
What about you?

Hope my post did not bore you :)
Spend hours doing this post up. 

Till the next post, have a nice week ^^

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