Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TracyEinny Reviews

Been trying hard to find Floral Skater dress that will fit CNY/.
And i'm glad TE brought in such pretty collections 2 wednesday back. 

I was about to cart out 4 pieces of items until I decided to save for more 'gems' with the plentiful launches ahead. 

TE - Fayre Rose Flare Dress in Pink

to be true, i have a soft spot for floral prints like the one above, so when i saw TE launching this, I know it is a must get. 

Thick and slightly rough but not to the extend of scratchy. I have a pretty sensitive skin for rough material. 
hooray to the lining inside that makes this dress a better wear. 
the slight rough material makes this dress more structured in a sense. 

The big U is a plus point for the dress esp for ppl like me. 
comes with a concealed back zip 
with the waist area and the pleats, make one looks smaller. 
To me the prints are super pretty to own. 
looks like i found the right english floral dress! :)


TE - Melodious Mesh Floral Dress in Blue

Love the floral that looks like China Porcelain with the mesh! 

Thinner material as compared to the dress above. Material is much smoother comparably. :)
Ironing is definitely a must for this dress. 
No Color runs - after the first wash. 

The mesh at the collar area is so love. Think recently Ive got the fetish for it. lol!
This skater dress is a keeper for me and i reckon that i will wear this more often. 
A floral dress that does not make me look girlish. 
I think pairing it with a black blazer and pumps will make it more office looking :) 
Cannot wait to wear this out already.. !! -bleah-


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