Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pretty CNY!

Just wondering how did everyone spend their CNY this year? 
Got lotsa red packets? 
Drink Happy, Eat Merry? 

This CNY is kind of different from the usual one that I spent.
This year all my relatives are queuing to give me red packets as this year marks the end of my ang bao collection. Gotten quite a fair bit of pack this time round. 
I'm not showing off how much I've collected. 
To me angbao are gestures that the elder give to the junior for good luck. 
My sensible coussiez mentioned that they need not collect angbao from me cos they will feel paiseh. So nice of them right? 

Every year without fail, I will spend quite a bit of effort on CNY. helping my mum with the baking, buying CNY deco for the house and getting the usual CNY goodies like bak kua, gua zi, love letters and not forgetting the abalones!

I baked this for CNY cos it was highly raved! 

The peanut curry pok (kok-zai)
I'm the one who knead all these into this mini curry poks, while my mum gets all the ingredients, mixed the dough and ground the home-roasted peanuts and getting them fried!
This little fellow here gets snap up REAL fast! 

The yearly pineapple tarts. 
Prefer the tarts to be like little ingots, cos it will be stacked nicely and neatly in the containers. 
With combined effort, we made almost 800 pineapple tarts and we are left with a small bottle in the fridge. 
This tart is really home made from scratch. 
Mum buys fresh pineapple from the market, grinds them & cooks them for hours! 
It's not the usual JAM that we get from outside. 

Maybe next year I should start selling the cookies! 
for XMAS & CNY
Will you support me? *winks*

The Ginormous Mexico Abalone that I got for my parents! 

Till the next post of my CNY outfit! 

Happy Midweek everyone! 

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