Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ended 2012 & Started 2013 with a major purchase. 

The most important thing for a wedding preparation. 
We got our PERFECT Wedding Band.

After many months of shopping for "the" ring, 
we finally decided on this!

His Ring (White Gold)

My Ring (Rose Gold)

Yes, it may seemed to you that we've spend and splurge on this, 
But the meaning of the ring last a life-time. 
To us, this ring is more meaningful than the engagement ring 
as we wear them day in day out.
The meaning of union. 

Silly as it may be, 
Danny bought me yet another ring for stacking on the very last day of the year. 
teehee. I ended 2012 surrounded with rings. :) 

Well, I'm getting all excited for the Photoshoot.
Still a few more months to go, but I'm already feeling the anxiety! 

Till the next post
Have a great week ahead!


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