Friday, January 25, 2013

Korea Day 2!

Finally after months, I am here to blog about Day2!!!
Its been 3plus mths since I returned.
What a history!
nonetheless, I hope my blog post doesn't bored u too much. :)

Here we go!
Woked up pretty late the next day cos we were having some sort of jet-lagged. 
Lucky us, we bought some Paris Baguette the night before, so we filled our tummy before setting our day
mad love their SWEET POTATO soft cake (DAMN NICE!!!!) 
#dietfail #todiefor
that i even "da bao" back home. 

Our Journey for the day
*photo credit: Korean Tourism Board*

How to Go:
Apgujeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 2.
Upon exiting the station, make a u-turn, and turn right at the corner.
Go straight about 900m and turn right onto Apgujeong 50-gil Road.
Continue straight (2-3 blocks) to arrive at the street.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street is the leading fashion mecca, formed as a cultural zone with a high propensity for consumption. It creates leading fashion trends, customer friendly shops, foreign brand shops with high-quality goods, reasonably priced hip hop fashion shops, and accessory shops. There are many cafes with unique interior designs, as well as many Korean, Thai and Japanese restaurants. Beauty clinics are clustered on the streets and due to this atmosphere, Rodeo Street attracts many youngsters.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street is emerging as a new cultural space as well. Along with the opening of Multi-Plex Cine-City, more theaters such as Cineplus, and Nanta Theater (non-verbal performances) have moved into the area, and it is now a full-blown cultural zone for youngsters. If you get lucky, you may meet famous Korean celebrities as they make frequent visits to the area.

First stop: Coffee Time! :)
Cannot do without coffee in Korea, cos there are so many flavors of coffee to choose from.
For my stay there, I didn't even had to repeat what I drank. 
Sucha nice place for a coffee-holic like me. 
typing this and remembering the coffee aroma. 

BF got attracted by the bicycle parked here, that's why we went in. 
He is so amazed that even bicycles are so nice in Korea. 

Even the streets are so pretty.
How I wished i had all the time in the world to rest and cafe hop! :)

This the cafe where I have my dosage of Sweet Potato Latte! 

I call this the Pony Charm Leather Cuff. :)
So ccccuuuttteee right? 
Cannot resist. LOL!

Most of the photos are in BF's camera.
So not much photos can be uploaded here. 

But there is a big shopping mall located there. 
There's where I got my YSL loots. 
-Killer Number 2-

The make up oppa at YSL, so shy when he touches my face and apply rouge. 
OMG, I almost stopped breathing. 
i felt like a stone at that time. haha!

It was until now then we realised that we hadnt had lunch
so we stopped our footsteps in one pretty bakery, grab the duck sandwich and churros dips
not sure if we are too hungry, but we find the wrap extremely tasty. 
We tried to find the same bakery, but couldn't locate it. 
Glad that we pop by. 

Right after this we headed back to Hotel and then off to DONGDAEMUN!
where all our moneys get sucked..... 

~~~ Day 3 to be Continued ~~~

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