Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What if....

Many reports and people are rumoring about the dooms day happening on 21/12/12.
wonder if it started from the show "The Day After Tomorrow"
I personally watched the show before and was imagining if there wasn't a day after tomorrow, what will happen..

Not sure if this gonna be a lengthy post, but this will be the most wordy type of post that I've most probably written.
please bear with me and continue reading, I will try my best to add photos along the way.

In my whole life, I only knew my life will end on the day I sleep in the coffin and not the world ending instead.
I don't know how the day will be and I hope that it won't end, there are many more chapters of life for me to see, feel and experience.
There are probably people out there who has enjoyed but this is not the case for me.

Finace was asking what are the things that I've regretted not doing or doing during the past 2decades. This really gets myself thinking.

Probably the first one on my mind was
We were brought up in a way where we aren't expressive with words, everything was 尽在不言中
The love between the family was beyond words, body language and little acts count.
Simple stuff like mommy waking up in e morning brewing coffee, frying eggs, toasting bread and making sure the house was clean and warm enough for us.
Daddy driving to supermarket after work just cos I said I wanted Yakult, to him arranging his work schedule to accompany mommy to market every Saturday and making sure the family runs well.
Both of them are always there like shelters in the bad thunderstorm, no grumbles nor complaints.

I agree that sometime I do take things for granted but deep down in my heart, no one can do the same like they did for me. So I'm flares up easily if I hear gossips about them.
As I'm typing this, my eyes are burning with tears already.

And to my younger brother, he has always been out of home since army days. I don't see him as often but he is as dear to me too. Although we always argue over certain stuff,I can feel that he cares for the family too. We are all proud of him to be so independent and graduated his studies with a job he loves. We laugh we argue and irritate each other.

-I know it's getting lengthy-

Not only are there things that I regret but their are things I'm appreciative of

First is to my fiance, who loves me, take care of me and hugs me.
Gesture like waiting for me to knock off yet with me in foul mood was really bad of me. Sometimes I really can't help it.
He loves me unconditionally and supports my decision. I'm so glad I've found him. Even though he irritates but I guess it's part of spicing up the relationship. I'm not a girl with mushy words or showing public affection anywhere, but I really hold him close to my heart, and I know my life will be fantastic together with him. Hoping for the world not to end and I promise to walk the path together hand in hand till we grow old.

I glad I get to know my bunch of crazy friends whom I've been holding close to for the past decades, coming to 2 decades.
We don't always hang out together but whenever one faces trouble, all will be out to help. My life would probably be worst without all of you.
We grew up together knowing each other secrets and promise to laugh for the 10-50 yrs and I will
want that to happen.
I love you gals n u girls rocks!

My online shopping addiction gotten me to know some sweet gals whom always put in words of compliments and and concerns, u know who you are and I'm really treasuring the quarter life friendship made.
Cheers to laughters, gossips and encouragement!

If the day nv comes, I will promise to hold the kinship, relationship and friendship close to my heart.

Hoping the best of health to my family, finace and friends. U all rocks~

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