Sunday, December 30, 2012

PS Cafe & Kki Cafe

This is a long due post. 
It was all the way before the SCB run, yes, this post is turning moldy, WTH!

Nonetheless, as BF was on half day and I decided to claim my half day tgt, we venture to Ann Siang Hill area for food, since the place is so near to my work area. :) 

We decided on Kki Cafe & lunch at PS cafe :) 
Whee whee.. my first time to both the cafes, don't judge me k! 

The pretty cafe with a small lil corner selling retro, cute and funny items. :) 

The Zen style looking counter where there is plentiful of dessert for you to choose.
Simple and plain, great for the laid back lazy afternoon.

Coffees to perk me up for the shopping trip ahead.
Coffee tasted pretty normal to me.
Amoy Food Center "Coffee Break" tasted much better, even though the price is much cheaper,
Of cos,we pay the price for the better environment, air con and whatsoever =p
Other than coffee, we ordered dessert, dessert before meal FTW!
Mont Blanc to kick start the half day! wheeeeee...
The price of the cakes are quite ex though, but seeing that the BF loves the cake so much.
Phew, money well spent!
 Kki Cafe
7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791
Tue - Sat: 12pm - 7pm
Sun: 1pm - 7pm
Closed on Mondays
Somehow the cake ignites a hunger devil in us.
Since we were at Ann Siang Hill, I decided to pop by the PS cafe.
A restaurant in a CBD area, but it seemed away from the bustling town. lol!
A very rustic, vintage gothy feel of the PS cafe.
Many caucasians were there for lunch
It somehow makes me feeling that I lunching in Europe. hahaha!
Hahha, presenting u the gluttons!
*playing with my HP filters*
The photos turned out really chiio, me think. hehehe..
What I had
Laksa Pesto Pasta *yummy*
My next cooking aim!
BF had the humorgous Fish & Chips.
The side dips are really interesting.
I love the tomyam mayo dips.
drooling now!
And the AnnSiang Hill Fries
Cos there was a hill/mountain of fries for us
Presenting the AnnSiang Hill Truffles Fries
Not forgetting that my BF ordered Fish & CHIPS!
So there was another lorry of chips to down.
Reckon that the calories level were tooo much already.
We left the cafe with a happy tummy, grouchy face (cos of the calories intake) and heavy feet (wayy too full already!)
PS Cafe
45 Ann Siang Road
#02-02 Singapore 069719
Shall end the post with the get up for the day!
This shall not be the last post of 2012.
So stay tune to another blog post tmr!
Enjoy the Countdown and the last weekend of 2012.

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