Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's in my Makeup Pouch?

I used to be someone who always brings my makeup pouch 
As I grew older, I seemed to leave it at home more often. 

Not sure what do you guys have in your make up pouch,
but today, I'm going to exposed mine. 

This is just going to be a rather short entry on my touch up essentials. 
I don't mind you guys to share with me what's in your pouch
or tell me what are the items we have in common! :) 

Presenting to you... 
**Drums ROLL......**
My make up pouch

 What's in it?? 
Starting from Top Left:

1. Hair Tie 
Essential for me, due to the hot weather ahead, I prefer to tie up my hair at time 
Or rather it comes in useful during bad hair days too. 

2. Small Brush
Kope this when I was in Japan
Their hotel toiletries comes with this small & travel size comb
Somehow after combing, my hair will be more tame. 

3. Brow Pencil - SANA
My personal favorite & has been using it since my uni days!
I'm using LB2, Pencil on one end and liquid on the other
Loving the natural shade :)

4. Liquid EyeLiner (Brown) - BrowLash Ex
To die for eyeliner that hasn't prove me wrong yet. 
I did a review of it previously. HERE!
Due to my oily lids, I need smudge proof more than water proof,
seldom a need to touch up after the morning make up :) 

5. YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch
YSL concealer has always been highly raved.
I got mine in Korea before they reopen their store in SG
Currently using color: 02.
concealing pretty well :) 
no complaints abt it. 
I shall do up a mini concealer post some time soon. 

6. Lavshuca Eye Shadow (Kanebo) 
Color: BR-2 
4 Palette tones to play with. 
A simple bronze color that matches my skin color
Very visible on applying 
And I must rave about their glitter eyeliner, super shimmering!!! 
My first eye shadow that I've been using continuously. 

7. Blusher - Jill Stuart
Color: 06 Lilttle Anemone
Cannot resist the packaging initially
den slowly I fell in love with it. This is my 2nd box of blush. 
And it is serving me well as blusher stays on my cheeks for the whole day
It comes with a highlighter as well. 

8. Ettusais Lip Essence
-Little Twin Star Version-
Talking abt which, it's time for me to get the next version
I'm a Little Twin Star Lover
plus the lip essence is actually quite nice 
Not too sticky and gluey
just right for my lips. :) 

9. Essence Lip Liner 
Color: 11 In the Nude
The new item added to my pouch
Cos I want to create a little cupid bow at my lips
And All thanks to Lihan, I managed to hunt this down at a cheap price :)
Thanks babe!
Since then, I've been using this diligently and managed to create a not so visible bow. 
a very "throw face" narcissism photo

10. YSL Rouge
A simple nude color rouge that spice up my make up.
Mum always grumble that I dont put anything on my lips before going out.
And she feels tat I look sick and pale! :( 
So here I am, got rouge le la.. 

11. Cake - Jill Stuart
Another item from Jill
Cos me think the coverage for the powder was quite good 
I don't need to spam a lot for this powder, which is kinda cost savings :) 
No glitter unlike other brands, which I tot it will make my face looks like disco? 

Lastly, is a pair of Spare Earrings.
Blur me some times will forget to wear earrings out. 
To me, I feel that earring is quite impt to make your face complete. 
So I usually will have a spare classic studs in my pouch! 

That's all the treasure in my pouch :)
Hope this entry didn't bore you in any way. 

TGIF today! 
Have a happy weekend everyone 

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