Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekend Re-Treat

A short weekend getaway came shortly after my Korea Trip

It was a raining cats & dogs before we drove to Sentosa..
Keeping our finger crossed and praying for no rain weather over at Sentosa.

Lucky us, there was really no rain during our stay at Rasa Sentosa..
All thanks to my brother who could help us get the room at such a deal. :)

It has been wayyy too long since I stepped into this hotel. 
Very much the same feeling 
the resort touch.
Very relax and U get to see many Caucasians around. 
Their kids are mad cute. must be their eyes and their blond hair. 
Feel really out of the bustling city life

We were greeted with open concept concierge
With floral shirts, like those hawaiian style 
(please don't think of pizza!)

Very resort and relax and beachy!

Quite a few activities lined up for us during the stay.
Which is good cos it kinda of keep us occupied! :)

First up, was the trapeze!
Which I dare not even inch forward.

Him standing and securing well before he "flies" down!
*nibble fingers*

The awesome structure of the hotel architect 
Beautiful skyline at dawn

After the flying trapeze, we proceeded to the table tennis table for some duel!
Free table usage, just pay $1 for the ping pong ball 
and it will be yours to keep. 
and I meant you get to keep the ping pong ball. =P

In no time, it was tummy time!
Dinner time.
We were mad hungry after the duel.. 
Lucky the hotel has provided us with free dinner buffet with free-flow of drinks. 
Drinks as in wine, soft drinks & beers 

Not sure if we were too hungry or what, 
We both think that the food spread was good and nice. 
plus we din had to pay any money for it. *giggles*

I had 3 glasses of wine, 1 cup of coke to end the dinner
I was full till the throat
I love the Laksa, the Fishball noodles, 
Naan, even the jackfruit icecream. 
*rubs tummy*

The place where we finally rested for the next day back to back "event"

Woke up to a sunshine day!
scorching sun shining and we knew it was pool time!
So after having breakfast buffet at the hotel, 
we changed and get ready.
I quickly dipped myself into the pool, as the weather was reallllll HOT!

Hotel even have this water polo game, where the hotel staff will gather ppl to play water polo.
So my spontaneous bf joined 
and it was hell lotsa fun. 
I sat in the pool while watching him and getting burnt at the same time

after his polo game, we went to the sea sport area, where we can either do sea cycling or kayaking
so we choose the latter. 
but the sun was too hot for me, I felt the burning sensation.
BF was too tired after the polo
we kayak for less den 30 mins 
and left for the room. 

Checked out and went to RWS Malaysia street for some lunch before heading home

A photo of us before I end the post!
Hope my post did not bore you. :)

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