Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personal Hygiene

I always have this thinking that Ladies are suppose to upkeep yourself.

Here are some of the things that I cannot tolerate as a lady, or even feel shy to talk about it. 

1. Body Odour
In humans, the formation of body odors is mainly caused by skin glands excretions and bacterial activity.
Between the different types of skin glands, the human body odor is primarily the result of the apocrine sweat glands, which secrete the majority of chemical compounds needed for the skin flora to metabolize it into odorant substances.This happens mostly in the axillary (armpit) region, although the gland can also be found in the areola, anogenital region, and around the navel. In humans the armpit regions seem more important than the genital region for body odor which may be related to human bipedalism. The genital and armpit regions also contain springy hairs which help diffuse body odors.
Credits: wikipedia

This is first and foremost the most sickening thing that put me off!
Oh please, being a lady/woman, I'm not discriminating you for not putting on make up.
But your stench is putting me off!
Do you know how smelly or 'Ammonia' the smell is? 
To me, whether you know you have the stench a not, 
I personally felt that it's a basic courtesy to roll on some deodorant. 
The smell of rotten onions is driving me crazy. 

2. Outgrown Nostril Hair
All the while, I always thought that only Man's nostril hair will grown out of the nose. 
But recently, I changed my perspective. 
Don't you check yourself out at the mirror?
Don't you find it a nuisance to see that tiny black hair growing out? 

3. Bushy UnderArm
I'm perfectly fine to see slight growth at the pit area
but definitely not the bushy type
Don't you feel insecure raising your hand in the train? 
Or rather, you just cannot be bothered to shave it away? 
U don't have to pay money to get it off, 
All you need a one shaver
and off it will be. 
Clean and airy.. 

4. Bad Breath
This is something which I thought will be able to cure
But at least keep a pack of mints in your bag 
before meeting a new person, 
pop the mint!
But yawning in the train creates a bad day for the person sitting next to you in the train
Why can't you just cover your mouth when yawning, 
I'm not blaming you for yawning, of cos!

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