Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Korea Day 1

Super Outdated Post
Cos I was simply too lazy to edit the photos

But nonetheless, 
I hope you are still interested in my Korea F&E trip that was wayyyy back in Sept. 

Went on an F&E trip with BF
Flew with Cathay Pacific. 
Not the best airline/flight I've taken
But for the price, it makes me feel more balanced. HAHA!

Checked in at Changi Airport Terminal 1
Flight timing: 0115hr 
Transit via Hong Kong

Ultimate Must Take photo onboard! LOL!

Flight delayed for half an hour
But still managed to arrive HKG at the stipulated time
Kudos to the pilots! 
Transit time was about 2 hours.
So we had time for breakfast
Oooohhh... I love HKG breakfast!!! Much loves... 

I must say, after the above breakfast
We were both toooo full for our in-flight meals already.. 

After a good 3 hours flight
We Landed in the land of KIMCHI!!!

Bought the Korea Pass (aka K-Pass) as well as the City Train Tickets 

K-Pass works like a debit card

Where to buy? 
At the Arrival Hall after exiting from the gate
Find HANA Bank

Comes in different denominations
We bought the 50K won 

For Subway?
But in order to make it work for trains, you need to go to the convenience store to top it up.
Do rem that this card allow for tourist discount too.

How to use?
Tap and go like ezlink for trspt
Sign like a credit card in cafe
Deduct the amount along with the tourist discount!

Leftover Balance?
Can refund at airport
But we decided not to, cos we believed that we will be back soon!

Lesser Cash on Hand. 
Cos the notes are freaking thick esp when it comes in 10K won!

Yes, you can eat and drink
So liberal
yet the cabins are all so clean
Initially I was skeptical about it, but after seeing the koreans doing the same, 
I did likewise too! 

They even allow bicycles onto the subway! 
No restrictions at all too. (meaning the sizing)
No-one tsk at anyone for taking up too much space

The frequency of some of the trains are not as fast
but the crowd is not packed... how nice right? 
It could be prolly due to the fact that the trains are longer! 
Also loving the fact that they do write chinese characters for the train stations. 
Which makes life for me so much easier.
They even tell you the before and after stops! 
This really helps me from taking the wrong ride.. teehee

Adventure of the Korea Trip Starts now!
But it was not a really good start as we had a hard time finding our hotel.
We even printed out the Google Map
Still, we cannot get to the hotel
From the Hotel website, the walking distance between the hotel was only 3 mins
but we took at least 30 mins to locate it
Just cos we missed a turn!
*slaps forehead*

Simple and cozy hotel for the next 6 days. 
Mega love the location, the cleanliness and the service. 
Most importantly, the price is super reasonable 
Comes with free Wi-Fi too! 

This is the view we get whenever we leave the hotel
Mad pretty right??

Call me bias!
Cos even the air smells clean, light and sweet
every breath smells so good 

Our first stop:
Although we were all tired due to the flight, 
we decided not to waste our time
and headed straight to the heart of Korea
And we walked our way there.
Reached Myeungdong within 10 mins if I didn't get it wrong

Snapshot of the bustling streets
If your eyes are sharp enuff, you shd be able to spy Gongcha
They have a branch there too.
And the Queue was long lor.. 
phew, lucky I'm not a diehard fan. 

Our First Korean Dinner
Not the best 
Cos it was more for satisfying the grumbling angry tummy
I was looking forward to the roadside snacks, actually! 
The Kimchi Jigae was wayyyyyy too hot already! 
Imagine I'm a fan of chilli padi, but this one really makes my tongue burnt and lips swollen =(
But the side dish were pretty good. 
A very family restaurant :) 

Say KIMCHI! before feeding ourselves! LOL!

Hello my BF! 
Holding to our 1st snack of the night
Sausages and Rice Cakes (3,500won)
Mad yummy I would say
Already salivating while typing this.
How can such a normal food be so yummy huh?? 

 The people behind the yummy sausages roll
Super Korean looking horrr...
I think they look happy selling this.. 
And I feel happy eating it. 

A few more steps ahead
I smell something very very nice
That I knew I had to get it!
I love Cuttlefish, if you do not know
You won't missed it one cos u will be "invited" by the smell of it!
Ultimate yummy
I wanted a 2nd serving even though my tummy was almost bursting... 

After all the heaty food and to rest our feet, we found ourselves seated in Smoothie King
Which I didn't know that it's quite famous in Korea. 
Their Smoothie is very fruity & refreshing. 

That's all for DAY ONE ADVENTURE

 Ending the post with a photo of me!
With a new scarf bought along the streets
And a packet of fresh lemonade :)
Decided to try the lemonade cos I was influenced by the number of people drinking it. 
Not too sourish but worth the money (2,000 won)

Hot Pink Long Sleeve : Hollister
Jeans: TopShop
Bag: Prada
Watch: AX

Hope the next Korea Post will be up soon. :) 
Stay tune! 

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