Monday, November 5, 2012

Date with the girls

Decided not to blog according to the dates...
cos I've been stuck with a lot of backlogs for my blogs. 

So decided to blog about something more recent. 

So it was last Wednesday
when me, Shermaine & YingTian decided to meet up. 

Argh! Photobucket is so irritating and slow now.. 
how to finish this entry by midnight? 
I prefer the OLD photobucket, what say you?
Or anyone has another place for uploading photos without waiting for soooo long.. 

On a random note: 
I was given free off on both Tuesday & Wednesday. 
Reason was cos I worked in a US firm
And recently US was badly hit by the Hurricane
Our office was affected and as our servers are based in US, 
the internet was cut. 
We can't work properly, so we were given free off for both days

I was so worried for my BFF in US.
And my mind is set at ease after knowing that she is ok. 
Please take care ok, babe? 

So I went ahead to meet the girls after working from home. 
Rainy day, so i decided to wear something more comfy. :)

Rich Khaki Top - Korea
Grey Inner Slip - TheVelvetDolls
Shoes - Pazzion
Bag: LongChamp
Leopard print Ribbon Necklace: Robinsons
Watch: Armani Exchange

So Yingtain brought the "hill turtle" me to HandBurger at 313. 

Guess what burger I ordered? 
No prizes for the right guess. 
I ordered the Works Handburger
Grilled 150g of 100% NZ grass-fed prime beef, topped with battered onion rings, crispy bacon, sunny side up egg, sautéed basil pesto mushroom, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, handmade barbeque and aioli sauce on a bed of coral lettuce and a tomato on a toasted caramelised onion bun.

If you know me well, or have been reading my blog 
you will know why I ordered this burger
Decided to ditch my salad/healthy diet for the girls.
Honoured a not? 

So I ordered Mushroom soup along with the burger

The Big-Ass burger
That I think I had a hard time eating
Separated the ingredients 
and savor as though they are ordered individually!

Pretty YingTian
who is so nice to meet up even she is not feeling well
This is the 2nd time she meet us for dinner, 
but she is sick on both meet up
starting to feel that I'm the curse! :(

Bubbly Shermaine
who is always so nice and chatty
and a very swt bf who nv fails to fetch her after our dinner dates
Stay sweet with Daniel ok!

And me!
holding onto the nutella tart that I've never tried before!

Ended the Night with a lil treat for the girls
Nutella Tart from EwF!

hope we can meet up at least once a month for dinner dates, xmas, bdays
and more to come!

One of the recent purchase from Love Bonito!
Gilroy Blouse in White
Kathson Skirt with Gold Button
I thought I couldn't get both the items
cos I totally forgotten about the launch
But I decided to F5 until 2.20pm
viola~ I managed to grab my items!
mad happy with both the items cos they fit me perfectly. 

Kathson Skirt
Love how the gold buttons added details to the boring black skirt
Material is stretchy and not much vpl spotted
Not furring at the moments
Rubberband at the waist

Gilroy Blouse
My love at first sight blouse
Material is quite thick, but nude undies is still recommended
Simple and classic item that I think I will wear often. 

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