Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tiong Bahru Bakery

This entry was long forgotten by me until now!
So unbelievable!!!!!!
I only noticed it when I'm arranging the photos...

Well, this post was supposed to be in mid Sept, even before I head to Korea. 

ASOS Tulip Dress
Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch
Coach Heels
Forever New Bangle

Dressed prettily cos me & BF were on our way to a wedding luncheon. :) 
Congrats Lily for finding the right man and have a blissful and lovely marriage ^^

Since we were at City Hall area, we decided to drop by Tiong Bahru Bakery, despite the wedding luncheon.. 
greedy me pulled the bf to "chill" at the bakery.
Ordering my favorite confectionery: Croissants!
I think if it's cheaper, I can have this bread everyday.. XP
I'm serious.
Even in France, my brekkie is always Croissants without fail. 
I'm such a Croissant Lover la. 

Presenting the best croissants that I've tasted so far in Singapore!
Buttery enough to my liking, flaking crumbs splattered with each bite. 
Crispy Croissants that seemed to have just walked out from the oven. 
Yums Yums!
Even the bf (who isn't a fan of it) had praises for it. 
Worth the penny! 

My Coffee Lover BF ordered their Mocha, me think.
Can't really remembered cos it was more than a month ago. 
Chocolaty to our liking, just the right portion for the lazy afternoon. 

 So here we are, holding on to our favorite =)

I will want to go back and try more of their pastries! 
I will be back!!!
Happy Tummies! 

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