Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ever since I returned from Korea, I have been feeding myself with salad, be it home-made or buying from the salad stops.

The stone somehow or rather casts a spell on me, I have never been so determined on something like this before.

Been almost a month since I came back. 
I have been adhering to strict diet, all greens or soups for lunch only, no rice intake at night times. 

Also, I will be joining the healthy group soon. I am returning to my True Fitness again! 
I need to shed off the fats by Mar 2013.

For those who are following me on Twitter/Instagram, I've been posting photos of my self-made salad with all sorts of "rojak" dressing. I simply add what I love to eat into my salad or dump in all the left over fruits! 
*mega loves*

on a side note, my brother left for HKG for his 2 months training, hope everything will goes well for him and prayed that he can return with a smile! :) 

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