Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flea with the girls

A super belated post for my flea mates
Ying Tian & Shermaine.

Eh, I think I'm the last to be blogging about this super outdated post. 
Cos I did not take a lot of photos for the flea cos the weather was too hot and stupid me, I forgot to bring along my scrunchy to tie my thick voluminous hair. #hotdieme

I was suppose to meet both the girls at 11.30 to grab the best location, but my tummy was playing a prank on me. 
I was having a bad diarrhea, almost wanted to give up on the flea.
But decided to go and join the fun with the mindset of "I will be alright"
So this is the first flea that I went without my bf. #proud
I lugged all the stuff along in a cab. hahaha.. 

The Mountain of clothes that we had.
Really Salute YT for bringing 2 luggages of dresses. 
I'm amazed! 

I shall let the photos speaks for themselves.
Most of the photos are "koped" from YT. 
Thanks babe for taking the time to take photos despite the heat and the bargaining. 

Me & Shermaine
We almost need to suppress the clothes so that our faces can be seen

We came up with a Silly Idea of showcasing the dresses by lying them like the above..
Somehow, the magic works!

And we had Valerie & Wendy joining us in the flea as well.
Mad happy to have both of them flea-ing beside us!
Happy & Fresh faced us before the crowd came.

ASOS RI Animal Aztec Prints top
M)phosis Nude Vest
Polo Ralph Shorts
Miu Miu Leather Bracelet
DressingDollies Neon Bracelet

After the flea, we were all looking tired but happy that our luggage are near empty. :)

And my lovely boy came to fetch me after the flea!

Hoping for more flea with the girls!
Surely a bunch of nice & pretty shopaholics that I got to know of.
Thanks for allowing me to be your friends! 

Time to scoot off to change and meet my boy! 
Enjoy the Sunday before the week begins...

Side Note
Dressing Dollies will be back in action again! 
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