Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brunch @ Moo~

Been some time since I last Brunch-ed. 
And my fellow colleagues and I have been wanting to try Moo at Tg Pagar, so we decided to drop by cos there was a 1For1 ProMootion! 

Decided to ditch lunch for brunch, so I ordered their eggs set, it comes with a side (salad/soup) and a glass of apple/orange juice. 

The price did turn me off a little, but thanks for the promotion, I only need to fork out half price for it! 

So here is part of the menu. 

If you were to ask me to pay $22 for the Moo Big Breakfast that I ordered, I think it's really not worth the price. 
Unless they reduced their portion of food for this proMootion. 
Toasted muffins were so small, it was just 2 half breads. 
2 Eggs that looked like they were cooked using quails eggs. 
Mushroom lovers like me find the mushrooms way too little to even enjoy it. 
Not exactly satisfied with the service as well :(

My Salad & Glass of Apple Juice

Soup of the Day 

The $22 Eggs Set :( 

Linguine Seafood Marinara
Verdict by my colleague: Bland and overwhelming herbs smell 

Moo Bar & Grill

21 McCallum Street
#01-03 to 06 The Clift
Singapore 069047
Tel: +65 6634 2662

I decided to try to cook my own version of Sauteed Mushrooms!
My virgin try, and I think it tastes yummy!!!!! 
My dad, bro and colleagues complimented when I let them try! 

Here you go! 

So sorry for the lack of updates. 
As I am held up at my baby steps to the wedding preparations. 

Till the next entry... :) 

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