Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday - Part 2

Been more than a week since I last updated the space here. 
Nothing pretty much that has happen over the week. 
that explains why late updates. 
the hectic working load and the long working hours are the main reasons why the updates has been slow. 

Almost 2 mths from my birthday, and Im just updating it the last part here!
I shall let the photos speaks for themselves. 
My fingers are getting lethargic. =(

I was still using iphone! haha!!!
Dress - Korea
Vest - Fashmob
Bag - Longchamp
Leather cuff - Flea
Shoes - Go Jane

Treat to Suhsi Tei by my fellow colleagues

A trip to sushi tei is never complete without this plate of goodness! 

First Thomas Sabo from the colleagues. 
One of my better colleagues gave me Korean Won for my bday! 
Mad happy! Cos I was heading Korea in Sept! 

The surprise bouquet by dearest. :) 
Never fail to brighten me on my bday eve! 

We make it a point to write each other a card on special occasions. 
he is not this kind of guy before we got tgt, and I'm glad he is willing to change ^^

Dress - Love Bonito
Bag - Prada
Watch - CK
Bracelet - Thomas Sabo



Dinner at MBS Mozza
I have been bugging my BF to bring me there since it opened. 
I not a pizza lover, but I love the pizza that are not made of bread 
Plus those that are freshly toasted in the fire place. :) 
It was a pleasant night with resemblance of the pizza place that I had at Switzerland Zermatt! 
Of cos the taste of Mozza Pizza is not as great as compared to Switzerland. 
But I love the charred smell on the pizza. 
We did not make any reservations so it was quite an experience to eat by the bar 

Ending this post with a birthday pressie that I got for myself. :) 

I will blog about my itinerary once I got all my photos sorted out. 
I missed Korea lots.. 

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