Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I Want to Do in Korea!

Travelling to Korea has been a like travelling to a paradise especially for crazy shop-aholic like me.

I love to see the pretty packaging of the Cosmetics, how the people are dressed prettily walking down the streets.
Travelling is like everyone's wish these days, we want to explore more cities to widen our scope and knowledge.

To make a little confession, I've been to Korea years ago, but I don't really like the food there.
But as I grew, the love for Korean Food is growing day by day, exponentially. teehee...
Not sure if is the K-pop thing that is sprucing up, that's why I am liking it more and more.

So while I was planning the itinerary for the Korea, I wanted to go a railway trip, however this place is not so "exposed" to tourism yet.
But the information that I have gotten from the web is in bits & pieces too.
I have no choice but to give them a miss.

So, I would like to visit the place and DO Rail biking & Take the Sea Train!!
I just got to find out not long ago that there are many rail rides available in Korea. :)

Credits: KTO
Very shiok right? 
I promised the next trip to Korea, this will have to be in the itinerary. 
The Samcheok Ocean Railbike Tour is 5.4 kilometers long. The tour starts from Gungchon Station (궁촌역), stops at the Chogok Rest Area (초곡휴게소), goes through Chogok Tunnel (초곡터널), Chogok Tunnel 2, and the Yonghwa Tunnel (용화터널) before reaching its final destination at Yonghwa Station (용화역) 40 minutes later. The specially-designed Railbike can seat two to four people and comes equipped with a small motor that kicks in during the uphill portions of the route. The maximum speed of the Railbike is 20 kilometers.

Another item that has been chunked off the itinerary is the East Sea Train
Credits: KTO
East Sea Train
I wan to go..  I wan... :(
They have so many different type of cabins that cater to different occasions. 
The Sea Train is a tourist train, traveling over 58km and connecting Gangneung, Donghae, and Samcheok. Running along the beautiful East Coast, every seat is tailored to see the ocean and windows are larger than those in regular trains for visitors to overlook the majestic waves, elegant beaches, and the emerald-blue ocean. Revamping three passenger cars, the Sea Train boasts a unique façade, seamlessly intermingling with the surrounding coast.

Credits: KTO
Wine Train
A train ride where you can sit back and
relax and drink as much delectable wines you could possibly want?
It’s hard to believe, but that’s exactly what the Wine-Train offers its passengers as it runs from Seoul to Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do and back. Hop aboard the Wine-Train, to enjoy all-you-can-drink Korean Wine made of grapes grown in the Yeongdong and explore the beauties of the region. After sampling wines throughout your journey, your arrival at Yeongdong will bring you one step further into the world of wine. Visit the Wine Korea facilities, and a wine foot spa. The train will also introduce you to ginseng (another product of the region) as well as take you around to some tourist attractions in the nearby area. 

The above plans are so different from the usual trip that we've been to. A different exposure, a different way of travelling and the exciting journey.
That is why I yearned to go to these places....!

Keeping fingers crossed for the next Korea Trip to be up!

Till then, I cannot wait for my day to end tonight and jet off ^^
Months of anticipations, weeks of thorough planning finally coming to reality~!
Hope I'll be missed.. *hearts*

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