Sunday, September 23, 2012

Peri Peri

I love weekday nights like this.
A meetup filled with chicken and laughters.

All thanks to Shermaine for organizing the meetup together with YingTian. :)
Muacks the ladies for putting effort for the meetup~
Esp YingTian who turned up even though she is falling sick, really a hyperactive & sociable lady
First time meeting Shermaine even though we always chat on Twitter & Whatsapp.
A pretty and bubbly lady.
Nice knowing you girls! ^^

We were all dressed in happy colours, Shermaine in Orange, Yingtian in Floral Prints and Me in Red.
While making our way to Tanglin Mall, we were talking & laughing non stop.
Teehee. So the journey wasn't that long afterall.

So, we registered for the Flea Balloting and settled for Nandos, call me hill-turtle, this is my first time eating this, even though I've been wanting to go since eons ago!

The moment we sat down, before warming our seats, I was asked to "strip"
*jitter* joking, cos I was wearing the raving LB Blanche Blazer in Violet, both the ladies want to try on to see if they wanna join the BO.

Shall not be lengthy in this post. Let the photos talk to you! :)

Secretly took a photo of YT in my blazer

Shermaine took a chio photo of me. Thanks babe~

Collage of the Photos taken that evening. 

After taking photo, I was asked to "strip" again. but this time is for my shoes. Guess who is it for? 
No prizes for the right answer. bleah!

Shermaine left us after she met up her bf, so me n YT were talking about CIL that night, and true enough, never speak of devil, LIC appeared! 
Our jaws dropped and stared at each other. Lucky us, we did not mentioned the names, else we will be "hated"
*Woes of having a lucky blazer*
Never gossip behind ppl's back, you never know when the person will appear. 

We burst out laughing as we walked our way to the station. *giggles*

I hope we can meet again for the such a happy dinner. ^^

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