Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Of Recent Buys & Outfits

I was quite sianz last Saturday until the door bell rang!

Cos both my LB loots and ASOS loots reached me! Sooo.. I was a mad happy girl on Saturday!! #perksmeup
I was kinda shocked to be able to receive both the parcels on a weekend!

I love the new packaging of Love Bonito Parcel as it will never be torn be at Singpost's custodian! 
"Sharing the Love of Fashion"
In such a pastel packaging that "lights me up".
I think if u had seen me with the parcel, my eyes lighted up and I ran to the room to place the parcel. #likeakid

And then, Dad came home with a parcel for me too!
The familiar grey plastic packaging! 
Ripped off the packaging like a little kid who can't wait to see the presents! =P

Glimpse of the items!
            ASOS Pretty Crochet & Tribal Prints Tops   LoveBonito Blanche Blazer, Denim & Trevis Top

For those who are wondering the colour of my violet Blanche Blazer
Colour under normal lightings.
This is the closest colour I managed to get on my phone camera. :)
The black part on the top right hand is the lace part which I seriously don't understand the gist of having the lace part at the inner (right under the collar)
The cotton inner lining kinda makes the blazer thicker, but still acceptable for me especially when the aircon is sooooo overly cold in the office. :( 

Ending my post with my recent OFTDs. :)

Zipia Oversize Corset Backed Top
Uniqlo BF Jeans
Proenza Inspired Bag
Pazzion Flats
AX Watch

Love Bonito Blanche Blazer in Violet
Functionable pockets (unpicked it)
Lace in the inner collar area. 
Non functionable cuffs. Comes with additional 2 buttons 
(big one for waist area, 1 small for the cuff)
Love Bonito Taffie Top in Forest 
ASOS River Island Lace Skater Swing Skirt
Chomel Earrings

Love Bonito Trevis Top in Red
(Please downsize the top, as it runs slightly bigger) 
Glitter material is not itching my skin and it fits me pretty well. 
The glitter part is so nicely done and reflecting a subtle tinge of blings.
The underarm area tends to slide down (not to the extend of exposing the bra)
Light and airy material and i reckon that it goes very well with bandage skirts :) 
H&M Laced Bodycon Skirt

Since the BO is up at LB, do grab the blazers! 

Arm Candies that are Launching on Dressing Dollies!

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