Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Daily Regime

Im back this week with again, not my bday post, but my humble beauty regime.
Hope you guys aren't bored with this blog post of mine. :)

Here I am, with all the daily cleansing of my face.
Fret not, none of the photos below are with my face. teehee. so feel safe to read it at night. *ghost*
I shall start from the morning regime till the night one, why I so weird right, you must be wondering, cos I really use different brands ma.. >.<

Here it goes!

My First Proper Daily cleanser. 
- FANCL Washing Powder (moisture)
I used to buy those off the shelves type like neutrogena and dunno what brand la, maybe i did use soap before too. 
I've been using this for the past years, and i really like the way it is scentless :)
Forgot to mention that this cleaner is actually named as Washing Powder.
 First thing that came to my mind is "huh??! like dynamo?"
Apparently, this cleanser caught me by surprise as it lathers itself to foam after adding warm water. 
Love the way how the warm water makes me feel more comfy on my face on early mornings. 
No tightness at all! :)

the above is just a simple illustration as the amount of powder is too little.. :)
They usually will throw in a sponge ball for easy lathering, but I reckon that I'm too lazy to use that. hahaha! 
"Kope" the photo below for illustration
Credits to Fancl

Yes, this is the ONLY thing that i used for morning cleansing! :)

I've just several make-up remover before but this kinda work wonders for the mascara n liner that i used.
One wipe and all gone! Most importantly, there is whitening effect for this remover thou. 
*fetish for whitening*
A little secret to share: I mass bought the remover right after the Japan Tsunami! 
ok, call me kiasu! cos I scared of the radiation.. bleahxxxx!

MarshMellow Foamy Collagen 
Love fluffiness and the foaminess. 
I love anything fluffy, foamy and milky. 
I was introduced to this cos of an aunty who works with Kaos. 
She gave me some sample to tried on, n vola! i fell in love with the light foam!
No tightness as usual but can feel spark n clean :)

And I love the aroma. U muz be wondering how come I so weird, like the scentless in the morning, but aroma at night. 
Cos I like things that can help me relaxed after work, that can calm me down after a hectic day at work. :)

After cleaning my face, i will dry it and apply the Fancl Skin Renewal Pack it. 
Squeezing about 50cts coin dosage & apply it to my face for a good 5mins before washing it away. 
While waiting for this, I will also be a good girl and do hair mask! ^^
After washing this off, my face will feel supple and "diong diong"
I got to know this when i return from Europe when my face was dry like salted fish. 
The moisture level was so low, so I decided to try this after doing a "face test" at Fancl. 
Boy! the moisture level of my face went up after using it for about a month. I used it like almost everyday during that time to replenish the moist level. 
As for now, I only use it once to twice a week. :) It kinda of works like a scrub for me. 

Extracted from Fancl:
SKIN RENEWAL PACK is a rinse-off gel mask that rejuvenates, softens and moisturizes skin in just 5 minutes.
Fresh Royal Jelly Essence supplies Vitamins and Minerals and Amino Acid to awaken skin for a more youthful-looking
and luminous complexion.

Regular usage promotes optimum absorption of skincare and helps makeup last longer.

I used this Ginvera scrub too! 
Cos Fancl one is quite ex for me to use. hahaha. #cheapo

ermm.. i know the gel looks like phlegm.. There is no "ex-foliating bits" 
But when massage on, there is actually "eraser-dust", which is actually the dead skin. 
And my face feels clean and breathable after this. :)

After using the Fancl Skin Renewal and the Ginvera Marvel Gel, i will definitely treat my face with hao liao aka good stuff. :) 

Lastly, on a fortnight to a month I will give myself a good treat. 
Those who are following me on twitter would have realised that I've just treated myself to a bottle of goodness. 
I will to age gracefully so here I am, treating a lil goodness at least once a month. 
It was my BFF who gave me as my bday cum xmas pressie last year. 
Not sure if it did wonders, but im sure collagen has its benefits! :)
I was quite skeptical in taking it for the first time. cos i dont like taking supplements, not even vitamins. teehee. 
But this drink tastes like yakult original flavor, best served when chilled. 
Best taken after dinner or before bed! :) 

That's all folks for my daily religious cleansing regime :)

Credits: Google Image

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