Thursday, September 20, 2012


Some Fridays ago... *this is how outdated the post is*

We were invited to a our Uni fren's house for a small gathering at Toa Payoh, he just moved into his love nest a mth ago.
So we were quite anxious to see his newly renovated house.
Everything looks nice and new in the house with the super huge balcony!
Since young, I have this fetish for balcony, a cosy corner of the house for tranquillity.
Best thing of all, he has a lazy chair there! so comfy..
Too bad my house doesn't have it at! No balcony will mean a bigger living area *dilemma*

He brought us to a ice cream shop near his house.
We were quite surprise by the shop, cos the shop is hidden in a corner, but yet at almost 11pm, the shop is still filled with people. :)

The moment we pushed the glass door, we were welcomed by the aroma of waffles.
It's like stepping into a world of dessert fairytale.
I bend down by the fridge to choose the flavour for my scoops.
Dearest & me decided on 2 scoops of sins with the waffles.

Sea Salt Gula Melaka icecream caught my attention and decided upon that while dearest chose the coffee icecream.
It took quite awhile for the plate of sins to reach our tables.
well, cannot blame them cos they only had one waffle making machine and the shop was kinda full.

nuff of my talking, show me the pictures!
Apparently, they are collaborating with some art stuff and they are selling the portraits that are displaying in the shop :)

As per their slogan, Handcrafted Ice Cream  & Coffee
Din have ample space for coffee but I will be back 1day to try out. 

The Cosy Aisle. 
Look at the trolley on the left (just like the way i like my "balcony" to be decorated with)
You will need to refill the water yourselves. 

Top: Green Tea + Orange Banana Sorbets
Bottom: Sea Salt Gula Melaka + Coffee

Verdict of the ice creams
1. Green Tea: Never a green tea fan, cos I personally don't like the jasmine smell. this ice cream tasted like those tea that are served at a a Jap Restaurant. Not too bad a choice, but it will not be in my list.
2. Orange Banana: Super unique combi. It tasted more banana-ish den orange. Not sure the right way to describe, but definitely a new taste for the buds. If you want to have a tinge of the taste, maybe you can go try out the Banana-Orange mooncake at Good-Wood Park Hotel ^^
3. Sea Salt Gula Melaka: Been a fan of gula melaka since young, and the ice cream blown me off! Caught me by surprise of the taste, slightly salty even with gula melaka. Thumbs up~
I will definitely return for moreeeeeee..
4. Coffee: Not the usual coffee ice cream that we had, initially we thought no ice cream can win the Movenpick Espresso, this one really beats everything hands down! The Ice-Cream has bits of coffee beans on it.. but you cant taste the nuts, it is so fine that it's like powder~
5. Hazelnut Choco: Didn't manage to take a photo of it, but the chocolate is perfect for those chocolate lover, me being someone who is not a chocolate freak, I find it a little over-whelming. too chocolatey to my liking, we all reckon that overdosage of it will caused a bad sore throat.

Handcrafted Ice Cream & Coffee

128, Toa Payoh Lorong 1. #01-835, Singapore, Singapore 310128
6250 1476

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