Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday! - Part 1

Finally gotten down to blog about my birthday.. it was like 3 weeks ago already.. i'm so "öut-dated"
I celebrate my birthday with groups of different people, colleagues whom i face 9hrs a day for at least 20days a mth, BFFs who accompany me on the "roller coaster", my dearest BF and my loving family.

As we grow old, the birthday celebrations get smaller, but the people are those whom u r most familiar & comfortable with.
Quality vs Quantity.
Every little quality time spent is accumulative happy times earned and build into memories.

My BFFs are the first bunch to celebrate with me *mega hearts*
They treated me to Regent High Tea #megaloves
hahahah! think u guys must be thinking, huh? again???
Yes.. again! cos the food is so yummilious that I want to go again, with the soothing piano playing in the background, the high tea was puuuuuurrrrrfect!

I realized that we forgot to take photo!!!! *jaws drop*
how can it be... but really! there are no photos of it at all. boos!
I really appreciate how everyone fork out their time to attend my bday celebrations. Love Lovessss..

BF only took photos of the food that he ate
kope the photos from his FB! bleahx.

the next photos spams that Im going to upload is pure coincident that my family celebrated our birthdays (BF, Mumsie & Me) at Regent Hotel too!
hahaha.. I think I can be their Hotel Ambassador for their F&B!
*hello, Regent Hotel, can u hear me? Wavesss~*
Brother reserved a table for 5 at the Summer Palace @ Regent Hotel. Cos my dad is someone who prefers Chinese Food and it has been quite sometime since our family sat together on a weekend yumcha-ing.
The Dim Sum selections at the hotel is quite limited, but there are also items that are not included in the menu. Those not in the menu ones are "Char Siew Shou" and "Liu Sha Bao"
So here are the photos for you to salivate, their dim sum are very yummy too. :)

From left to right: (snippets of some of the dimsum we ordered)
The simple Chinese table settings.
The crispy mango prawn roll that "pops" surprises with every bite
The atas abalone siew mai. For those who might not know, I dislike eating siew mai, big bao, wanton and items that has the seasoned minced meat. but for all i know this siew mai does not have the smell or taste of it. Every bite of it has the taste and freshness of the ingredients *thumbs up*
Toufu wuth Enoki Mushrooms, Me being the mushroom lover (recently converted) and the fetish for egg toufu ordered this to try, but it does not taste as nice as how it look. it was kinda mehhh.. :(
Fusion Jap/Chinese Unagi dumpings, this item caught us by surprise!! It tasted pretty good that we ordered another basket of it. ^^ Love how the coriander leaves brings out the unagi taste. A really unique try!
Love how the liu sha bao was hot and oozy. The eggie taste was heavenly too. I gotten a lil messy after the first bite, the liu-sha started to "drench"my plate.
How can dim sum be complete without some egg tarts? Fresh from the oven, nothing much to rave about thou.
We completed the meal with the Osmanthus Jelly, I got a shocked when I saw the amount of wolvesberries they added, but the taste was pretty alright. I still prefer Shang Palace one to this. teehee.

my brother ordered the perfect Strawberry Shortcake from the Confectionery at Regent Hotel. I swear that this is one of the best Strawberry Shortcake that I ever had.
the cake was soft and baked to perfection, the cream was not over-whelming to take control of the strawberries. And the crunchy nuts that were sprinkled at the edge added a rainbow to taste buds.
my oh my, I love this cake to bits *hearts*

I will continue my part 2 of the birthday celebration in another post.
Promised to blog more this week.
Till the next post, have a great week! :)

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