Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sunday at Holland Village

Hello readers! Im back!

Gonna be a super hard-working blogger this week in case im being missed too much. ^^
No no, Im not going to blog about the birthday post in case u get bored of reading it :) 
As the title suggest, this post gonna be a post featuring Holland Village.

Holland Village is a place far from my reach. But this time we were determined to go, Yes i mean we! cos me and my 2 other BFFs managed to get a slot for the fortnight flea. :)
Finally gotten the time to trashed out all my unworn clothes and sell for some moolahs, to fund for my upcoming trip! :)

So we had many big bags of clothes, but sadly, one of my BFFs clothes got super soiled when her home was under reno. :( so the clothes that she brought was really limited.
Guess what, i had a big Canvas bag, yes the literally "red-blue-white canvas bag"
thats the amount of clothes that i brought, now u can imagine how scary my wardrobe was.
Even though i sold off all the clothes, i dont even rem what i sold! hahaha.. Im glad my items were a sold-out. #beaming

I was so happy that my BF acc me to the flea, to be my Mr-Muscle! to carry the heavy bag for me, keeping the 3 of us hydrated and buying us lunch. Thanks dearest for accompanying me to the flea and sweating like a pig there. #blissed

Well, u cannot expect to sell the items like $5-$10 per piece. you have to sell like dirt cheaply, like $2-$4 per item.
The crowd there are mostly pinoys, some local people too.
They are really there to pick up cheap & good stuff.
There was also an old couple buying stuff from us to donate to salvation army, so we sold them one big pack of clothes at $5.
The crowd was overwhelming when you start pouring out your clothes. i mean seriously u don't even have space to stand. All the clothes were just piled up like mountains and many heaps. hahaha!

Im so glad that we were given tables under the tentages and some fans blowing. Even with the fan, we were swimming in our own sweat. I cannot imagine those tables that has no umbrellas, i think i will be BBQ-ed by the end of the flea. 

So we reached the place at 12.30, even thou it was mentioned that the flea will start from 1-9pm, the people have already gotten their tables all set-up! *gasp*
And we left the place at 3.45pm, with almost everything gone!
So this was how much was left, and we reckon that the clothes inside are really "nonsense" and we left the bag to the stall next door 

Happy me, earn $170 after deducting the cab fare =)
But on the other hand, my bf grumbled at me! saying how much i had spent on the clothes and now i'm so happy getting that little money back. By calculating, it would have been about 50 piece of clothes, for each to cost $25, i spent like $1250 on them! #guilt

So before heading home, we decide to pig out and chill a bit before heading home. 
Hello Fosters! 
Heard so much about you, and im finally here to try! *rubs hands in glee*
It was kinda packed on the Sunday afternoon, but we managed to get a seat in the open! 
So sorry sweat poresss, u need to work again =|

Ordered their high-tea set to share with my bff, abeit the long waiting time and chasing after them, we finally gotten our high tea 
it was very ridiculous to having latte being served first instead of rootbeer? hello? RootBeer doesn't require brewing u know.. =X

The home-made scones was very different from the ones that we usually have. 
Scones are served warmed, like hot from oven (i presumed that they put into microwave) 
Each bite is filled with the buttery smell and felt crumby (like those butter cake feel) 
I love the taste of it even without the cream and the jam. :)
I did not try the fruit cake, never a fan of it. 
The tomatoes sandwiches are more like appetizers~
$11 for a plate of goodness and a put of tea makes the Sunday more fulfilling. 

The Beef sandwich that my dearest ordered, the beef patty was done to perfection. Just like the way we like it done. Tomatoes, Onions and the Leafs had me calling for more! Seriously like the way it is done. Nothing pretty much to rave about the fries. 

Chill a little and finally headed home for a shower! 

That's how I spent my Sundays. ^^

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