Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Art of Working with Colleagues

I'm back here not to blog about my bday yet... cos I seriously too lazy to upload the photos, but to think that i din really take a lot of photos of it *woes of an ageing adult*

oh gosh, im afraid this gonna be a lengthy post. But please bear with me! -_-

Came across an article on how to work with colleagues, make me wonder, how many of us actually met good colleagues in our working life.
Just when I thought school are filled with hypocrites, working life is even worst. There are much more to it. I am glad that I've only met some along the way and slowly removing them as I moved on.

The more jobs changed, the more different type of ppl that u never thought, existed!

my first job, I was blessed to have wonderful and fun filled colleagues, never a day I experienced Monday Blues! no, nothing at all.
In fact, I looked forward to it. can you believe it?
I enjoyed it so much that I don't mind working late, now you see how much I love it.
It was of cos not for the job, it was the people.
My colleagues were people that were like me! Fresh from school, noisy and nosy, joking here and there.
Just like one big family.
It was an entry level job back then, there were no backstabber, no bad/evil people.
even though the pay was entry levelled too, i stayed for a good 2 years. Of cos, the colleagues are the main factor, that's including the boss too! :)

So I decided to move on to a bigger firm. This time round I had a good boss too, small dept but there were happiness within us.. laughters are always heard. but when we were "under-care" by another boss, life changed drastically. People actually emailed you "Fxxx", but they nv understand how you had a hard time figuring things out. All they care were the results, clean output.. but who understands me?
u see, there are people like these existed! I deleted the person from my FB & Mobile, (call me childish) but i really cannot take it. I was almost on the verge of finding the person to talk it out.
Funny or what, the person left for another firm, but came back within 6months, and the person can actually come and talk to me! WTH!??!!!
People like these really make my eyes roll and tsk!! -_-"""

Moving on, there are some people who loves to complain.
Every single thing they will wan to poke their nose into, trying to find ways and means to sabo other people. Creating Gossips and complain that ppl are not sociable! *jaws drop*
the person will have to understand why and what is causing the drifting, do you get it?
Complaining non-stop will not bring you happiness, instead you will be always thinking of negative stuff. Why must make your life so difficult?
even if you love to complain, the other party may not wan to listen. And obviously if you complain to ur boss, u will wan some actions to be done right, else whats the point of complaining when u say u dont wan the other party to know? sighxxx..

Emotional people are those who show their emotions on ppl. U have to monitor their "weather" before talking to them These type of people aint the hardest to deal with, just react according to their weather forecast. but be in tip top in case the person screams and yell. Ive worked with such persons before, and really u need to be adaptive. they are not that evil to any extend...

Spoon -Feeding group.
These are the people who nv learn. they are like houseflies flying ard, irritating you. asking u the same questions over and over again. What? they sound like they have not heard of the thing before, everything seemed alien. But! I confirm i've repeated the same ting dunno how many umpteen times. I already find myself very naggy already. Please jot down in ur notebook, or refer to ur notes before arrowing the questions.
Irritated nuff! shoo~

Mimic- Maniac! yes! i have met colleagues who love to mimic people, and in this case the person imitate me! im like what's the problem with you? why do u wan to walk in the shadows of me? I dont wan to be mirrored!!! U like my dress/fashion sense, but can u get a life of yours, please! of cos there are things that you can adore and be the same as me, but please, NOT 100%.
This is the reason why i nv agree with your shopping invite. I dont need the bulk purchase discount, ya. >(

Innocent-claiming group.
Acting all the innocent faces and claiming all the credits to yourself when everyone else contributed to it, except u!
you boot licked, you disregard everyone jus to climb the corporate ladder! how nice of you to do that. u've got the lightest workload, u know? why do these kind of people even existed in this world? argh!!

hmmm.. i guess 'nuff of my experience with d-colleagues that i met along the way.
hope you guys din meet anyone nasty.. :)

How to work well with all your colleagues?

Good working relationships is an important factor in ensuring an emotionally healthy workplace. We need to put in time and effort to cultivate and manage good working relationships.

Ending the post with a photo that I took with my dearest! <3

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