Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Regent High Tea

Hello, Im back again this week, trying very hard to keep my blog alive, for my mth end is almost gone! *YAY*

Months ago, I hearts brunch so much, but recently I prefer high tea!
sooo decided to bring my BF to high tea session, after waiting for mths, it was finally our turn!
This Regent Hotel, Tea Lounge, the highly raved high tea in Singapore.
oh ya, before i forgot their weekend high tea buffet is always full!

This is my 3rd time here and I'm glad that the standard maintained.
I reckon that the buffet served here is better than Goodwood. Of cos the price at Regent is higher too, yi fen qian yi fen huo.. >.<
Both me and BF were filled to the brim after the good 4 hours of pigging out!
Of cos money was well spent, as I skipped my breakfast jus for this high tea session and it lasted me throughout the day! u see, money well spent yet attaining the "tai-tai" class!

Firstly, we get 2 cups of drinks (coffee/tea) refillable! U can also change your drinks in the midst of the buffet.. if you love the drink so much and decide not to chge, its ok too!

I had my usual dosage of latte before having my 2nd flavoured tea, all time favourite Shanghai Rose. :)
The Latte art was so nice that I almost cant bear to bottoms up *like real* 
It was an orchid drawing :)
U know what, the Shanghai Rose tea just goes soooo well with the scones. 
I simply love Regent's Scones to the max, I can never get enough of em! 
Teehee, buy me scones, I will blurt out everything. *kidding* 

Trying to act healthy.. hahaha.. No la. I always feed on salad before i pig out! 
and that's the napkin and the table mat! so victorian english! So lady! :) 

The Prawn & Scallop sald was soo yummy that I had a few servings of it. 
The prawn size was big and crunchy! Yumms tummss! 
Their sandwiches tasted just as nice too! Smoked Salmon, Wagyu Beef and so many more. 
Even the simplest cucumber sandwich got a thumbs-up from me! 
Ok, I jus got my own tummy growling now! 

This is a mussssst order 
it takes about 15 mins to bake. :)
must be eaten hot! cos otherwise it will be overly sweet and feels "gelat" 

Well, that's how I spent my weekends. 

My First Attempt for a Launch :)
Although I know the collection may not be that "tasty", I am trying my best already. :(
Free normal postage, $2 off if you are our FB fans. 
Kindly support me tonight ok? 
Otherwise, Do like the FB page k? 
Thank You all! 

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