Wednesday, August 1, 2012


A super short entry for the many OTDs to share.
Nothing fantastic about actually.. most of them are repeated clothings. Now that I keep a blog, I can monitor the mix and match as well as pulling old clothes from the heap to wear.

Some of the many OTDs, i hope i have not repeated any of the outfits. i shall cont to dig out clothes to mix & match! :)

just cleared the heaps on unwanted clothings.. and i need to sell away to fund for my upcoming trip!
mum and bf commented that i've spent thousand of dollars on clothes which in the end i need to dump/sell away. then why buy so much in the first place? sighhxxx..
even mama also dont understand me... :(
but the statement that they made is true lor.. looking at the mountain of clothes really make me feel that the moneys should be well spent on other areas.
why am i sucha sucker for shopping? i need to save Save SAVE! >.<

Im mad happy that i've booked my air tickets for Sept! my whole brain is filled with happy anticipation! =D

Now googling around for hotel stay and planning the itinerary! Call me kiasu if you want!!
im spoilt for hotel choices and the places to visit.

Wish me luck in searching for "the" hotel!

Happy Midweek to all!

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