Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chicken Rice Craving

Hello! :)

Been missing in he blog space due to the month end tasks over in the office. And Im glad that the mth end is almost over! Hooray!!

I, being not a chicken rice fanatic, was craving for some good chicken rice one Saturday... And the only place that I thought of was Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice.
So I pleaded my BF to accompany me! Haha! He cannot say No to me, otherwise I will slaughter him to pieces! kidding!! >.<
The craving for it was so great that before I even reached the place, I will salivating all over. muahhahaha..

Lucky there was an outlet opposite Beauty World, the good'ol place that we frequent when we were in Uni. While making our way there, there was a massive construction, we looked at each other with the puzzled and lost face.. We thought the place was torn down and gone and I almost felt a gush of disappointment within me.
Phew! The shop houses were still there and Boon Tong Kee was spotted in minutes!

oh, my craving, oh my craving! =p

The Colour-Blocking Table Layout :)

The Jug of Herbal Tea to keep us cool. 

Their Signature Triangular Rice. 
Somehow, the shape of it makes it looks & tastes yummier. 

Their Signature 
Just by looking at this, my mouth is watery already! OMG...

The Smooth and Silky chicken texture with the smell-so-good sauce. 
Chicken done so heavenly =D

I'm someone who cannot leave without veg in my meals. 
Ugly as it may look, mouth after mouth is best way to describe! :)

Not a Toufu lover, but BF insisted that we order this as he loves it.
Took a few cubes of it with the Pastel Green Wasabi dips and it's not too bad after all. 

I hope my post hasn't make anyone salivating, which may be hard. 
but it definitely made me drooling over it, yet again. hiak hiak! 

18 Cheong Chin Nam Road 
Singapore 599742

Contact Number
6463 2289

Operation Hours
Monday - Sunday : 11:00am to 01:00am

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