Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apple Polisher

Apple Polisher 
(credits to Urban Dictionary)
One who attempts to curry favor with authority for personal gain. 
Someone who takes your idea and makes them seem like theirs without giving you credit for the creation of the idea.

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I wonder if Apple Polisher/ Boot Licker actually exists in every company.
Used to have this thinking that so long as we are friends we can work well together. But I was totally WRONG!
Im not saying that all friends can't be colleagues, I'm saying it will be best if you stay as friends.
Lesser friction will not hurt the relationship between you and him/her.
This goes the same to bf/gf relationship too.
Both BF & I were shortlisted by the same company, thinking on longer term I decided to reject the offer.
Stupid a not u tell me! I actually rejected my 1st job offer. hiak hiak! *brainless*
Not sure if that move was a good choice but definitely the relationship between me and bf is well now. hahaha..

well, back to the topic of apple polisher. I am unsure if she has morph into another character or all along she has been like this. Yes, its a she!
There were some hear-say that she has changed, but I wasn't too sure about it.

Some background about her.
We joined the same company on our first job, I started as a perm while she was a temp. shortly after her contract ended, she was offered another position in another dept. I was, too given an opportunity to move over to the same dept. So here we are, sitting beside each other, growing together.
Not too long later, i decided to move onto a greener patch, so did she.
Many hear-says abt her changing character, but i chose not to believe it...
One day, I was called up for an interview and viola! I got a better job offer and soon, she joined the family too.
This is when I saw with my own eyes, feel with my senses that she really changed.
Big Apple Polisher, claiming credits for the hardwork that I have put in, the feeling really sucks.

I dunno how to explain the agony and fed-up-ness that I had. *feel like punching her already*
There are also no other ways to claim back the credits.

I have to remind myself not to treat her so good already.
I shall look for a greener patch should she get promoted and bossing around.

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