Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend should be made of these!

Quite an outdated post actually.. blamed it on my lazy bones.
some of the times i really wonder if anyone read my blog, if you are reading it now, thank you for spending time reading a blog of a fat lady. 

That aside, 
I usually spent my weekend with my bf, either shopping or eating away in town (fat die me!) 
or some movie watching or cycling in East Coast Park. 
My mum always say, SG is so small, why do you always have activities to do one? 
Precisely, SG is so small, all the more I should find things to do, even though it is repetitive! hahaha. 

Well, it has been the longest time since i last went on an "excursion" with my family. Yes, a family outing. 
Other than sitting around the table for dinner or gg out for a dinner at some kopithiam. 

As i grow older, i feel the need to stay home for dinner. No matter how fed up I am at work, the moment i reach home, i seemed to have left all the "feeling" outside the house just the moment I removed my shoes. 
Nothing beats the feeling of home. 

So one day, my mum asked me if I will be interested to go Garden By The Bay. Initially I was quite skeptical about it, as I only have to fork out $10 per pax for the tickets. 
teehee! Yup! i only paid $10 per pax for both the entrance to both domes. :)
All thanks to RC, i paid the "excursion" for my whole family including my bf. 

the day before i was down on running nose and it was pouring on the day itself, how demoralizing! 
my mum insisted on going (for the money that we paid). and lucky we listened to her, the rain miraculously stopped the moment we reach there! 
Below are some of the photos taken by me! 
Yes, by me, it looks soooo Pro right? teehee.. 

The Flowers in the dome are kinda repetitive but no doubt they are all blooming very nicely. :)
For the temperature within the domes, i believed that it is a good venue to take pretty wedding photos without sweating!
the man-made waterfall is magnificent together with the sky walkway. :)

It was really a good way of spending time with my parents. 
Decided not to post photos of my family. but a narcissus photo of me! *puke*

Be it taking photos or discussing the flowers name, it was really quality time. 
I asked myself when was the last time i brought my parents out for such an excursion, the answer was ... i cannot remember. 
Have you planned for an excursion? 
Most of us are indulge in our busy schedule that we at time have neglected that our parents are getting older each passing day, they are always there for us when we are feeling down, giving us the positive energy to move forward in our lives, guiding us purpose of life for us to carry on and showering us with tender loving care. 
Without them, there will not be us.
All the time spent with our parents are additional day of love. 

FAMILY: Father And Mother, I Love You. 

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