Tuesday, July 3, 2012


“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” — Danny Kaye

Just a random thought of travelling.
To be honest, I LOVE travelling like MAD!
Money is a huge issue for travelling.

personally, travelling is a great way to spend quality time together, family bonding times, quality time with partner and catching up with ur bffs. A form of getaway from the bustling city, time away from the busy schedules that we have and off from work. To rest the mind and relax ourselves.
Truthfully speaking, I love beach holidays once in a while for rest & relax. To get energize!

For budget travelling, it will be places in SouthEast Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand, Indo, Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia. But my family and BF wouldnt like me to travel to these places for safety reasons.
This means the choices of travelling will be reduced significantly, due to the lack of moolahs.
I will very much wanna visit BKK one day, for the food and shopping paradise.

been self consoling myself by looking at photos, reading other's FB newsfeed & check in.
i wonder when will i be able to land my feet onto Bangkok grounds.
Heard so much about shopping like crazy, wonderful massages and yummy food, when will me be able to go?

Photos all credited to google images

Actually what was on my list was a trip to Japan, but currently we are forbidden to step into the land of rising sun due to the radiations.
I heard that some of the ladies who went there were diagnosed with not able to conceive for the next 5-7 years. Well, all these really depends on our body as to whether we can take & counter react towards the radiation. But as a safety measure, I would recommend those that are getting married or those with family planning to give Japan a miss. Cos you never know.

Some of the travelogues of places that I've been to. 
1. HongKong - It's like a yearly trip, always come home with overweight baggages. Don't ask me why. hahaha.. partial of it are the cosmetics and skincare. their skin care are always cheaper than SG, esp those big brands like Lancome, Jurlique etc. And they always have alot of new products that are on the shelves much much earlier than SG. Not forgetting their authentic Canto food which i cannot stop eating. >.<

2. Malaysia (KL, Penang, Malacca) - Once a while trip. hahaha, whenever i am feeling poor yet wanna travel.

3. Japan (Tokyo & Hokkaido) - Im feeling so blessed that i am able to visit both the places before the tsunami. I;ve always love Japan for the food, the people, the shopping and the forever "in", kawaii & creative stuff. Japan has left me deep impressions but im feeling so upset that i wont be able to go anytime soon. :(
ps: me n bf actualy tot of gg japan for honeymoon. >.< now the dreams are dashed!

4. Korea (Seoul & Jeju) - the land of Kimchis & Korean Skin care! i love the way the koreans are dressed, elegant and pretty. their skincare are cheap n good. I was someone who detest eating korean food, weird huh? but now, i am super in love with Korea cuisine, i nv say no now..hahahah! how ironic!

5. London - A very nice tranquil trip that i would very much wanna go again! the food and the people. the beautiful blue eyes hunks & elegant ladies. to know english is really a bonus, cos navigation is so much easier :) the kingdom is too big to explore!

6. Paris - A romantic city which i would wan to visit with my future husband. the lovely city of poems and love letters, the magnificent arc & tower. such a romantic bustling city! i hope the 3rd time i will be there for honeymoon! <3

7. Switzerland - A slow paced city that has gorgeous mountains and friendly folks. A serene town that make me wanna strolled along the lakes and mountains. a super relax place to relax n rest ur body. :)

i hope for a trip soon..

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