Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Positive Thinking

Some time last week, I was browsing the web, and came across a saying:

The Positive Thinker 
- Sees Invisible , Feels the Intangible & Achieve the Impossible. 

There is something in this phrase that made me feel a ray of hope.
I never used to believe in positive thinking, happy things cos I'm quite a pessimistic person. Probably due to the fact that I studied Accounting & Finance, Accountants are supposed to be pessimistic you know?
We are trained to be prudent, but sadly this knowledge has been imparted to my personal life.

I told myself to think positively for the past 1 week and realised some differences in my life, not those major differences but enough to make me happy.
Simple things like, I was out for lunch not knowing that the weather was cloudy, and it looks like it's going to rain  heavily any time soon, i keep telling myself
"Rain, please don't come"
"Rain, please don't come"
"Rain, please don't come"
"Rain, please don't come"
*continue chanting*
And the clouds really "dispersed" and the sun was out.
little things like these make my day. :)

another good example the previous blog post that I wrote. I was mentioning about travelling and in my mind I was hoping so much to go! And the few days later, I was given a to go on travelling soon! *beams*

A positive mindset will bring happiness, health and achieving the impossible. 
What the mind thinks & expect, it will find. 

I hope you will be able to start developing a positive mindset and stay happy always. Try it and be amazed by how things can happen. :)
I really amazed!

Just finish watching another Korean Drama:
인현왕후의 남자 / Queen Inhyun’s Man

A time travelling story line and it is heart captivating. How hilarious it is for someone to time travel from 300 years ago into this modern world. Although this is something out of ordinary that can ever happen!
A drama that I LOL in the train.. *gasps* keeps me real entertained during my train journey.
Quite a short drama with only 16 episodes. :)

On a mission to saving money, but I succumbed to Coach Pumps!
blllaaahhhh!!! all of of sales and my darling BF, he popped into Coach Wisma Flagship Outlet, den dangzzz! i saw the pair on the Sale Shelf, and I cannot resist but to get the sales personnel to help me with the sizing, and the guy came out with the box and say that this is the last pair, and guess what?!!
It's MY sizing!! viola, my feet are happily hibernating in the shoes!
This is my 2nd pair of Coach, the first pair being a pair of Pumps that I got from HKG! maybe I should take a photo of it soon.
Cos mum always try her best to get a pair of Coach pumps from US, being a filial daughter, I saw a pair of flats on sales, and I got her one too!
Wondering how does the pair of heels look like?
here u go! nice ma?? teehee... and I finally brought her out yesterday, mad comfy I must say! :)

Some instagram photos to end my boring blog. :)

Aja Aja Fighting! 2 more days to weekend. Cannot wait for weekend to come fast, cos BF is in reservist and we are heading to the Gardens by the Bay with my family this weekend!

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