Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd!

Zrrroooommm... half a year has gone past. How was urs 1st part of 2012?
Mine was packed with schedules, not that i am that popular. teehee..
was happy that one of the wishlist came true on the later part. I persevere and and getting hang of my running regime.

to think back, this 2012, i have made quite a number of friends cos of my love for shopping. i met a couple of girls and exchange contacts with. they are really a bunch of pretty, funny and great girls to hang out with.
Till now, i'm still pretty amazed by how we get to know each other.
Up till now, ive met with Meiho, Veronica, Ivy, YingTian & Wendy.
But i've not taken a photo with Meiho, Veron & Ivy.
Honored and happy to make my appearnace in YT blog, i've also decided to kope photos from her and post it right here.
Pardon me for the Toot Fringe! :( cos i just trimmed my fringe 2 days ago. >.<
Thanks YT for helping me get the GoJane Shoes <3

my BFF's Wedding in May, so the whole of April - - May was pretty much caught up for her Hen's Night & Wedding Preparations.
May she stay happily ever after like fairytale! :)
well, everyone is anticipating that my wedding will be next, *looks at BF*
will we be next, will entirely depend on him. Our BTO will be ready say next year, so i guess my ring will be coming ard tat time. :) Getting married is a happiest moment for the girls especially, at some point of the time, i would rather the time slows down. bleahh..
argh! im two-minded over the marriage thingy.. hahaha!

I had my 1st overseas trip with 2 of my BFFs, and we are looking forward for more to come. We make a pact that this overseas trip will be a annual thinG! unless otherwise stated! hahaha!
The laughters, the time spent and the gossips shared. #qualitytime

A new job at the end of 2011. I hope to see some perks along the way to make my working life more fun. Promotions and Increment is what i hope to see in the 2ns part of the year. better bonding with colleagues and smooth sailing throughout the remaining 2012.

Ending my post with OTD Collage!

hoping that my 2nd part of the year will be as fun filled and memorable :)

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