Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bella Box

My First box of Goodness!

i've always wanted to try out either Bella box & Vanity Trove, thanks to UOB card promotion, I can get to try Bella Box at a super affordable pricing of $5 and get it delivered to my doorstep!

I know many of them have already reviewed the content of the box, but i was still anticipating mine #likeakid
love opening up parcels with much anticipation.

Anticipating much when i hear the doorbell and through the door-lens, I spotted a hot pink box! *delight*

Girls Fav Color! 

Ripped open the hotpink casing and review the BB Nude Pink box

A lil note *pray hard that I'm the lucky fella*

All the goodness :)


Left to Right:
BellaBox Lipstick Pen; London: Jimmy Choo Fragrance
Korea: L├ęgere BB Cream; California: Twistbands
Korea: Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack; Japan: SK-II

Not exactly what worth it if I am paying full price for it. But for the payment I made, I personally think this is worth the moolahs. Definitely will try the SK-II and the Fragrance (albeit sad that the fragrance cap is a lil spoilt)

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