Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Argly Duckling

Was having some "craving" for Deborah Lippmann Polishes, and happen to chance upon Argly Duckling Website from some Bloggers' Twitter & Blog-post that the newly setup website is having 20% off the first purchase & Free Courier Service for purchases above $60.

Seeing that after the 20% discount, each Deborah Polish only cost $28, i succumb to it. Went ahead to place 3 polishes orders and chose the free courier service on Sunday 9am-1pm.

Sad to review that the courier service really sucks!! i waited for the parcel until 3pm on Sunday & yet nothing is received at all! I emailed the Customer Service, Rant on their Facebook wall and then Finally someone called me.. saying that there is some issues with the courier service, oh please! why can't someone jus drop me a sms or a call or an email to say earlier?
Nonetheless, i was fuming at the point of time already.
The person promised me that the parcel will be delivered to me by 12noon the following day.

Argly Duckling Customer Service rang me up on Monday morning, explaining the situation to me. But the fact that I stayed home the whole of Sunday just to wait for a parcel that was not received was really enough to make me feel ridiculous and horrible. Esp after she said that the parcel will not be able to reach me by 12noon today!!! WTH!??!!
She kept explaining and apologizing. With that being said, she say the parcel will reach me by 6pm at my home, but I can't trust that anymore, I continue by saying, it will be good if someone delivers it to my office by 6pm, as there may not be someone at home and i Do Not want to be charged for any additional courier service. The lady explained that the parcel has already been dispatched out and that the vans are on different routes so the delivery men wont be able to meet up and pass the parcel.
my rage level increased immediately, failure to deliver by stipulated time, excuses and faults being pushed around. I had enough, so i said it's either by 6pm at my office otherwise i Demand a full refund.
Somehow or rather, the parcel appeared in my office before 5pm.

ok, enough of rants. The parcel came to me, opened the box and was mesmerized but the gems! :)

The parcel that was delivered urgently!

The Parcel came in a sturdy box, wrapped in black crepe paper with a cutesy duckling sticker. 

The Polishes were well protected in bubbles wrap & lotsa Styrofoam. 

A Handwritten Postcard :) 

A facial Cleansing Cloth came as a freebie.

A sticker that help you rem when u opened the bottles. 

3 Bottles of Glitter Jewels! 

Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday 
OPI - Care to Danse

Ending the post with something to share with the ladies!

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