Wednesday, June 20, 2012


been missing from this space for a week.
trying hard to keep up with the blog post but i am so tired recently.
which is partly why i have not been wearing any nice outfits.... #sad
my life is evolved around office, housework and jogging.

probably due to the fact that I am doing all the housework cos mum went for an operation, and she needs to keep clear of heavy stuff, heat and oil and rest more.
so here I am, being her filial daughter (脸), i need to help out in the daily housework, like cooking and washing of clothes. Lucky me, I love to cook so i take it as a form of training to be future wife. (lucky bf, cos i now know how to whip more dishes already)
taking it positively, it would mean an early training for a wife-to-be.

well, i love playing with water, thus i prefer washing toilet to mopping floor. dangs i know. but rinsing the mop is such a chore den spraying water in the toilet! It's like little kid playing.. teehee...

that being said, doing household chores are such a CHORE to begin with. i spend 9-10 hrs in the office, always rushing home after work to cook and doing the laundry at midnight. #woesofaworkingadult

that aside, many of you would have think, why would washing clothes be difficult rite? yes, it is sucha stuff job, cos i handwashed all of them!!
my house do have a washing machine around, ermm... i should rename it as spinning machine. cos this washing machine ONLY job is to spin/tumble dry the clothes and not washing it.
According to mum, she say machine washed clothes are not as clean and the clothes tend to spoil faster. having no choice, i adhere and handwashed too.
handwashing includes PJs, Rugs, Curtains, Sofa Covers, Bedlinen. blahhhh..

i reckon that i should be the only family that handwash all the clothes.. but to my surprise, my bf's mum does that too.

oh gosh, i think this is those kind of  thing, not sure if it was pure coincidental or many families are doing the same out there.
and im sure my arms will be more defined after a mth of handwashing.. *flex muscles*

on the brighter side, my BTO is seemed like it's going to be ready in less den a year's time. This early training definitely comes in handy now.. #proud
which means i need to continue the jogging regime that i have fixed for myself. or better, to increase to thrice a week!
& not forgetting eating more healthy (veggies, less oil, less salt, less chips!)
jog twice a week, every Monday & Thursday.

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