Thursday, June 7, 2012


something unhappy happened to one of my fren today.. My heart goes to her when she broke the news to me.
and I really feel like penning down my thoughts..
getting a lil emo while writing this down.. hope my tears will not drop, my heart will not ache while typing..

Love is not simply about holding to each other, embracing each other. A simple 4 letter word yet the meaning of the word is so wide. To each of its own, everyone holds the value of love differently.
To me, Love is like cup of plain water, plain as it is, sweeter as it gets. Different mood, different person different feel. Sweeter as it gets, deeper as you sink, harder to forget.

Love includes the following condiments:
- Care
- Concern
- Compromise
- Commitment
- Faith
- Honesty
- Respectability
- Responsibility
- Sincerity
- Sharing
- Trust
- Understanding

Without any of the above, the concoction will not be perfect.

Will you be able to trust the person sleeping beside you?
Are you sure that he/she is the missing piece in your heart?
How will you feel when you found out that the person you trusted most, cheated on you?

Girls main criteria for guys is the ability to stay faithful and be honest. Whilst the guys/girls fulfilled all these criteria, does the other partner fulfill it too?
How do you define that you know each other well enough? To be able to guess what the other person is thinking?

One of my fren saw her husband bill chalking up, by accident she saw the credit card statement in the bin, she picked it up and run through the bill. She found out that, her husband did not went for a biz trip, but to another country instead.
Is this interfering each other privacy when the bill was picked up by accident?
Initially she was feeling very guilty cos the previous month was her bday and wedding anniv. She wanted to fork out to pay for the bill, but to her dismay she saw things that she should not have seen.
What will you do if it happens? For me, I will confront him straight. But she calmed herself down and said she will ask after the day end. Really salute her patience in this area.

She is earning lesser than him, yet she is paying for all the groceries and bills. He stayed in front of his pc the moment he is at home. She cooks, he glued to pc. He never give her money for household expense.
i am unsure if I'm traditional. He really took her for granted.
She said her heart is broken and bleeding. My eyes were filled with tears when i heard that.

I hope everything will turn out well for her. 

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