Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eyeliners! Fight!

Finally got the time to sit down and do up a post on the eyeliners that worked well for me.
Happy that i actually found time to do the post, but on the other hand it was a "luxury"due to the food poisoning.

Introduction of my eyelids: It gets quite oily after a day at work, even clogging up the powder at the line where my double eyelid folds. :(

definitely no sponsorship, it's a post that i wan to do on my own accord.
Amount of eyeliners I've tried and tested. Not a lot but enough to find "the one"

Brands from top to bottom:
1. Kate Gel Eyeliner (brush, the gel is at the bottom right)
2. Agnes B Crayon Eyeliner
3. K-Palette 24hrs Tattoo (Not selling anymore)
4. K-Palette 24hrs Tattoo (improved version)
5. K-Palette 24hrs Tattoo (WP: Waterproof)
6. Bobbi Brown Eye Pencil
7. Shu Uemura Eye Pencil
8. BrowLash Ex Water Strong Liquid Liner
Graphite (Greyish)
9. Bobbi Brown - Gel Eyeliner

My 1st eyeliner is the Kate one. So this will simply explain that this eyeliner has been in my makeup pouch since eons ago. By right, I should not be using it anymore.. and Yes, i am not using it anymore. Saw it lying in the pouch thus taking it for reviews purpose. 

Before I start blogging about the eyeliners, I think there is a need to intro my makeup remover first. 
the 2 types of remover that I used.
Shu Uemura & Estee Lauder (Sample size)
I will first use the Shu Uemura to remove first, and if the liner is not removed, I will use the Estee Lauder one to remove.
Reason: Shu Uemura (Shu) - Oil based, Estee Lauder (ES) - Water based

1st review:  Kate Gel Eyeliner  - with shimmer/glitters
Spot the Glitters! :) 
Cotton Pad with Shu and with 1 wipe, the liner gets wiped off..

Easy to draw the lines with the brush provided but the smell of it puts me off. It smells a lil like the TCM grassy smell.

Verdict: True enough, this liner does not stay on my oily eyes. After a day, my lower lids will be stained but of cos not very badly..

2nd review: Agnes B Crayon Eyeliner

Some of you might be wondering where I got this eyeliner from. I bought it from Singapore Airline InFlight DutyFree. It has a small makeup pouch of which it consist of a Eyeliner, a Lip Gloss, a BB-Cream and Eye makeup palette (brows and eye shadow)
The lines can be drawn super easily, for I think cos the eyeliner is crayon. Color is immense and black enough. No sharpening required, as it functions like a rouge, turn turn and out it comes. 
Verdict: Definitely not something I will try again, the smudge is kinda bad by mid day. i haf to keep cleaning my lower lids and redrawing the upper lids. Must be my Super oily eyelids..

3rd Review: 3. K-Palette 24hrs Tattoo (Not selling anymore) & K-Palette 24hrs Tattoo (improved version)
This is my 1st Liquid eyeliner, and it works perfect for me. I got it like 2-3 years ago, before the advertorials. 
I'm still using it now, although it has been years. :(
It has been mentioned that it will be removed by warm water, which is smthg I fancied! My eyes are watery thus I need both Smudge proof and Water proof eyeliners. None of eyeliner at that time worked for me except the old version, the improved version doesn't seemed to work like the old one anymore. 

The above one is the old version, it really super fine lines due to the super skinny brush that it has. 
The 2nd picture is removal done by using ES removal, not warm water by the way. It does not get removed by the Shu Oil. So now u know why i hearts this eyeliner, even if i cry, the liner is still visible but in grey la.. better den all gone right? =b

The Improved Version

The 3rd pic shows what happen when i removed using Shu, it is staying there tough and strong! Whereas the 4th photo shows the removal by ES remover. Gets wiped off but still visible. :) 

Verdict: Both the eyeliner works the same way, but i preferred the former (old) as the liner is thinner. it does not smudge or stained my lower lids :) or rather, sometimes it will clogged into little balls (like the eye dirt) 
Have to check yourself out more often. 

4th Review: K-Palette 24hrs Tattoo (WP: Waterproof)
This was a wrong buy! really! as in i took the wrong one off the shelf, and den I realized it when i removed the packaging. #epic #blur

This eyeliner gets wiped off super easily by Shu Oil. 
Easy to draw and colors is very visible. 
Verdict: I seriously don't fancy this, unless u know u will cry the whole day. I cried once with the liner on, i literally gasped! cos when I dried my tears, the tissue turn colorful! quite amusing at that time, i almost LOL to myself during such a super situation. :| 
Usually I will pair this tgt with the 24hr Tattoo liner. I draw this on my upper eyelid nearer to the eye and then the top, i will use the 24hr Tattoo liner (as above, review #3)
There are still smudges, but is minimized. I just don't wan to waste this eyeliner. :(

5th review: Bobbi Brown Eye Pencil
I kinda regret a lil getting this though, smooth gliding effect on the lids, but the color does smudge a lil. :(


Verdict: Not something I fancy cos i have a better brown liner than this! But i like the fact tat it comes with a sharpener #cheapthrills
Easy to draw and also easy to remove and it stained my lower lids by end day #panda
Will still use it thou. don't wan my money to go to the drain!

6th Review: Shu Uemura Eye Pencil
The 1st pencil eyeliner I had, rem I bought it with Tangs voucher.. why did i decide on Shu Uemura Pencil must be cos of the raving that i heard. But then! i did not do research on it, or rather i did not know how my lids condition were, as in wthr oily/normal/dry. 
i anyo'how buy. but this is still the pencil that i will use for normal days. like those feel like putting on makeup to nearby shopping malls. 

Verdict: Not a bad pencil liner, jus that it is a lil tough to draw as the gliding effect is not smooth. the lines drawn are not thin types... But usually by end of day. the liner will be clogging at the double eyelid fold. :(

7th Review: BrowLash Ex Water Strong Liquid Liner
I got this Eyeliner when i was in Hkg, i wanted a brown liner, smudge free and easy to draw. i would prefer liquid one. so this salesgirl recommended this liner, thinking that it is not so expensive, i decided to give it a try. to my surprise, it is the best among all the brown liners i have... 
i found this eyeliner in Causeway bay, not those typical Sasa/Watson. 
din manage to find it in Singapore too. sigh... 

Verdict: easy to draw and dries pretty fast. Smooth to draw on lids. No smudges at the end of day. After applying Shu Oil, the color fades a lil, but still staying strong! 
Using EL remover, removes more than the Shu Oil, but the liner will still stay but definitely fade off more :)
I love this eyeliner and is so trust worthy that it is always in my makeup pouch. Cannot do without!
This is how much i love it! <3

8th Review: Bobbi Brown - Gel Eyeliner
This is the first not black/brown liner i own. Graphite is dark grey with glitters. :) 
It's also the most expensive liner i own. >.< 
i'm loving how the color actualy glide beautifully on my lids. btw, i use the kate brush to draw the lids, don't wan to waste money on another brush. #cheapo

Verdict: I love the smoothness and how it glides well on my lids. The color is rich and does not look messy for its creaminess. 
The glitters are there, subtly. My 1st non-liquid liner that can stay on for long hours. Another liner that "grabs" my heart. Pretty easy to remove with Shu oil after a few rubs, but somehow or rather, it just stay faithful and loyal to my lid. <3

In Conclusion, my Super Rated Liner
1. BrowLash Ex Water Strong Liquid Liner
2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner

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