Monday, May 28, 2012

That Hot Pink Blazer

Recently I am falling deeply in love with blazers, I have been bringing and wearing my blazer like every other day.
The colours of my blazer are black, off white, navy, coral, nude pink and hot pink. And the 1st 3 colours mentioned are the must have colours in the wardrobe. The Hot pink one is the latest addition to my wardrobe and I am loving it more than anything. It's really a colour that pop & spice our outfit.

Hot Pink Blazer from H&M / Top from CP / Skinny Jeans from Topshop 
Aigner Watch / Necklace frm HKG

Close up
And I'm super Loving how the colours spice up our outfit! 

All thanks to my Twitter Friend, YingTian who helped me to save time to search for the perfect hot pink blazer. It really saves me the trouble to search! teehee..
I've got the urge to buy a hot pink blazer due to a photo that I chance upon. This is a super pretty blazer to own! No regrets at all for this impulse purchase. I really mean impulse cos I bought the blazer on the very day that I saw the photo.
More inspirational outfit where I can pair with the hot pink blazer:




Next perfume that I have used the 2nd bottle is Boss Intense! 
I forgot how I got to sniff this perfume. #Senile
But nonetheless this perfume has been my all time favourite if I ever felt lady. 
The musky smell makes me feel so feminine. all so lady. <3 and best of all I can never get sick of the smell since long long time ago.. teehee.. Loyal Boss perfume addict I admit. 
I'm almost done with my 2nd bottle le. wheeee... 


  1. Hello dear, may I know if you're selling your LB Palmer Skirt (M)? :) Please let me know, thank you! :)