Sunday, May 20, 2012

OTDs to share

been a long time since i last did a OTD post. since i promised myself to do up a post soon, i shall start penning already.

im sucha shopaholic, been buying both online and offline tat i dare nt send my parcels to home already. #smackforehead
i think if ever my mum get to know the amount of parcels that are delivered to me, she will confirm yell n scream at me! #nag
some of the outdated & recent online purchases
(Hollyhoque, Love Bonito, Megagamie, Little Red Heels, Kristines)
of which some are still in e plastic bags.

Megagamie High Street Asymmetrical Slip
A comfy and flowy slip to own, this piece had me gone gaga over when i first saw the sneaks.
camped for it and viola, i got my 1st choice!the ash purple. Color was true to the sneaks!
Pair it with a black inner slip and off i go, simple isnt it?
Received a lot of compliments from my colleagues, saying this slip is subtlely sexy and the tail of the slip is a beauty! =D

Verdict: <3 <3 <3 <3 out of 5hearts

Megagamie Layla Cropped Top - Creme Lace
A Top that i super love, for I super hearts crochet/embroidery and laces, so it was a must get for me!
Easy to match scored a bonus brownie cookies point and it fits me, for im not those slim babes out there.
this cropped top definitely needs a inner, achieving a layering look. Best paired with skinnies/denim skirts.

Verdict: <3 <3 <3 <  out of 5hearts

Megagamie Rosalinda Paperbag Top
Im always in search of a simple oversized peasant top. Yet i do not want basic colors like black, white or blue. And when i saw the sneaks, i was mesmerized by the pastel color!
Light and airy is the best description for this top. Pastel green is seen everywhere in the B&M store, esp Zara.  So i guessed i picked the right color. :) the Buttons are protruding like semi-circles with glow.
However the button holes are not done up nicely. soooo much loose thread making it looks kinda cheapo. :(

Verdict: <3 <3 <3 out of 5hearts

Little Red Heels - Faerie Laced Collar Top (Yellow)
A pretty item to own for a crochet/lace/ribbon lover like me. Alas! I could fit in..
But the item was a lil disappointing for the material. Not flimsy i would say but sheer. the buttons were kinda loose.
So i reckon that a inner tube would do the trick, nude bra may not help as the outline of the bra can be seen.
More sewings on the buttons to tighten it.
My 1st buy frm LRH, no complaint abt the process but maybe faster postage will be good. Well, i love the polka dots parcel! teehee..
(ps i paired with LB blazer and tucked out the crochet collarette)

Verdict: <3 <3<3 out of 5hearts

for those who know, i am starting on a lil perfume project recently.
my next perfume entry is dedicated to my Lanvin Éclat D'Arpége
This fragrance caught my attention when I was flipping through the Cleo Magazines. If i nv rem wrongly, it was like perfume sprayed in one of the magazine pages, den when u flip open,e smell will spread. #oldschool
This was my favorite perfume since Uni days. i sprayed on each and everyday, whether to school or not.
see how much im in love with it! =)
Till now, this is still one of my Fav perfume for now im using the 2nd bottle already!
*secret: before me n my bf got together, he commented that my perfume is the best smelling one he ever sniffed*
Cannot contain the happiness at that time. >.<

A little Know about
Lanvin is Paris’ oldest fashion house, founded in 1889 at 22, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré by 22-year-old Jeanne Lanvin. Marguerite, known as the gifted opera singer Marie-Blanche de Polignac, assumed charge of Lanvin on news of her mother’s death in 1946, remaining at Lanvin until her death in 1958. The golden figure on Arpège’s perfume bottle depicts Jeanne and Marguerite attending a ball. It stands a symbol of maternal love, becoming the House of Lanvin logo 1954. Lanvin became known for mother-daughter outfits. Since 1993, it has focused on luxury ready-to-wear, accessories and perfumes like Eclat D'arpege, L’homee, Vetyver, Oxygene and Rumeur.


  1. very pretty dear!! waiting for more perfume project already! <3