Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Once a month thing

no no.. dont get me wrong, I don't mean the girls thing.. its the monthly meetup with my girls for dinner.
I so happy that these 3 girls are always there for me. Thank you..

The recent meetup session was to TripleOne Fukuichi Japnese Dining.
It's gonna be a food photo spam!
I'm drooling over the photos, cos the food are really quite yummy especially the grilled fish. They literally melt in the mouth, u think im over exaggerating rite? Please go try! teehee..

TripleOne is really quiet on weekdays. For those who doesn't know where is the the restaurant. It's at Somerset Mrt, the Singtel Building 2nd Floor. :)
Did some research on the restaurant n realized that the reviews weren't that bad. Remembered some of the Must-Order! teehee.. glutton me.

                FukuiChi Japanese Dining                Steamed  Crabmeat Toufu w Century Egg

Some Premium Sashimi Set                                    Grilled Beef Steak Steak
Mentai Grilled Clams 

Miso Grilled Cod Fish

Grilled Bamboo Clams 

Shitake Mushroom with Ebi Stuffings

Salmon Roll 

Verdict of the food: 
1) Steamed  Crabmeat Toufu: Its one which you either love it or hate it. Im a person who doesnt eat toufu, but i gave it a try given the fact that it was a must try. I dont like toufu cos i dont like the thing soft and tasteless. This toufu doesnt really taste like toufu, plus the century egg sauce thing over it, its like a HUH? effect when i tasted it. The expression that i had was like.. errr, whats this? mmm taste a lil funny. ermm knowing that its toufu, yet doesnt really taste like one. Something unique, maybe u might want to give it a try? 

2) Premium Sashimi Set: The Sashimi were fresh and thick, which means they are not stingy on their end, but of cos there's a price to pay for it. It was supposedly to be a bento for 1, but we order to share. Their bento comes with a Salad, Chawamushi and a Green tea Dessert. No complaints for the sashimi set thou :)

3) Grilled Beef Steak Steak: Fukuichi is famous for their teppanyaki/grilled, so we ordered their grilled beef, medium well. Juicy and tender are the best way to describe the meat. Not those thick types that we have for western. Worth to try 

4) Mentai Grilled Clams & Bamboo Clams: I prefer the latter cos the Clams had this fishy smell, although is grilled with mentai, but it kind of tasted runny. Someting that i dont really fancy >.<
But I love the bamboo clams. Simple and tasteful :)

5) Miso Grilled Cod Fish: This fish is something i will die for. The aroma and the texture took me by surprise. I really love how the meat exude a miso smell and freshness of it. I will cfm order it if i return. 

6) Shitake Mushroom with Ebi Stuffings: Someting that we thought was different from the usual tempura mushroom. cos they had the ebi stuffings inside. But i thought it tasted pretty normal (word's from a Mushroom lover)

7) Salmon Roll: Pretty normal stuff. It has the Itacho Sushi grilled smell, for those who knows what i meant. 
A safe choice to order thou. 

The stuff were pretty nice as we were the last survivors in the restaurant. They did not chased us away with the bill neither did they remind us with "last order" 
We sat until we realised that it was a little late and noticed that we were the last table around. :(
We were too busy with the laughter, cant imagine 4 hrs of laughing and face touching >.<

To my Girls:
Im thankful for the 3 of them to fork out their precious schedule and adhere to the monthly meetup session. 
I have got so much to say in this blog post to them!
But no words are able to contain the memories and the love i have for them.
They are the best buddies that I've made in my life, the beautiful memories that we have will be remembered by me for the rest of my life.
I am so glad that we have been friends for more than half of our lives. And i count myself lucky to meet the 3 of you.
We shared our daily life with one another, gossiping daily and catching up with each other. We never failed to run out of topic even though we whatsapp everyday. This is what keeps my daily life moving, complaints about job and unhappy moments.
There are so much memories in these years that we have created, none of which i will want to forget.
The funny stuff that we said that we can laugh for 20 years and going forward >.<
We will continue to build more memories, like the recent picnic that we had. :)
Love love. <3

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