Sunday, April 8, 2012


Been some time since i pen down my thought here.
I was sick almost for the whole of march with continuous n unstoppable sneezes and uncontrollable dry cough.
Haven been so sick for such a long period which explains why the 3 days MC in 2 weeks.
Glad that ive fully recovered from the virus, phew!

Well, after using the Rachel K CC cream until now, there isnt any outbreak at all, so i guess i am going to stick to it until it finishes. There are far too many BBcream lying around in my room, some opened tubes like Lancome, Odbo and Heroine. I'm gonna switch between bottles! teeheeeee..

argh!!! ive got some problems with my keyboard. so freaking unresponsive! FYI, i use wireless and i jus chged a new keyboard!

it was indeed a very happening March for me despite of the virus!

The beautiful bday cakes for my BFFS :) 
Happy Birthday my BFFs, stay pretty healthy and young forever! Cheers.. 

What's a shopaholic without new buys?
Failed one. But I can never do that, cos i cannot resist temptation! >.<
But to certain extend, this mth expenses mostly came from Brick & Mortar n n online.
something new that i bought this mth! which is the whole lotsa polishes!
my nails cannot wait to be pampered and looks all poised and posh.

OPI - Ballet series (Pirouettes on Whistle topped on Care to Danse?)
Super loving the sheerness and the flaky subtle glitters glams! e glitters are just like snowflakes.
i feel like getting the whole series of it! Can't get enough of! :)

Currently on my nails now
ChinaGlaze - Hunger Games Series/Fast Track
it's like holography gold shimmers yet making my hands look fairer, don't u agree? >.<

Sommmeee Topshop purchases
2 denim skinnies and a floral tie front shirt.
after looking at Meiho's ravings, i decided to drop by Topshop, which is just below my office and i'm blown away by the comfortableness of it! the softness and felt sooo much like a 2nd skin.
I have to admit, i am not jeans lover, i hate the "trapped" feeling on e legs and the stuffiness and heat from wearing jeans. the thick material on me in SG weather will make me go crazy and grouchy!
TVD Cottage of Daisies Top with TopShop Navy Skinny

the Floral Tie Front top with the wash denim skinny

Zara Peplum Skirt
Was unsure if i shd buy this, cos im scared this item is like a fashion kind of thingy, means once the season passed, the skirt will turn obsolete. Not only this, i was afraid tat it might emphasize my huge hips.
nonetheless, i still took it to try... Viola! i tot i looked nice in it. and the material is awesome max. i was still contemplating cos of the price and furthermore it was the last piece in MS. so i tot i cud dragged a lil time for decision, for reserving it and asking the staff to help me check other outlets.
Even before i cud rch office, the staff called n said they haf one new piece! woohoO!
Im sucha shopaholic that i can actualy shopped during lunch hrs! hahah!
mummy was having her haircut at MS, so i got her to buy it for me, plus she had a $10 voucher...
sooooo.... succumb to temptations.! =X

Online Reviews:
1. Smooch Moroccan Dream Dress - Cobalt
im sooo loving it to "beads"! the beads really weigh a tonne! zhen cai shi liao!!~~!!
the flowy-ness of the dress with the waterfall design really caught my eyes on the preview, plus the beads at the back, i really couldn't resist! Anyw, this was my 3rd choice of color! omg! im so slow! wanted blaack thou... but this color is really gorgeous too.. really worth the $40.
a little downside, the front is a weeee bit short ah.. so i guess this dress needs to match with stockings.
Shall wear tis to my BFF hen's/wedding night :)

2. LB Cheyanne Cardigan
Set my eye on this cos of the scarf-like leopard prints. had always wanted to try on leopard prints, but im not that bold to do so.
and i noe i will dare to wear this out! no regrets in buying this, very suitable for the weather in SG... and it looks like i paired a scarf along with a black cardigan. :)

3. LB Palmer Skirt
Was abit hesitating in getting this, due to my fat bottom. but decided to gif it a try, in hope that i can sell it off if i cant fit.
but i cud fit in, but snuggly, so an oversize top was neccesary.

i was browsing through the photos in order to send my BFF some of our pic for her montage.
all the photos really brought me lots n lots of memories... it was way back to the days where we just finished our poly days.
its really been such wonderful times to have the ladies with me, through the thick and thins, standing by each other and supporting and encouraging each and everyone of us.
The photos seemed like we had just took it 2 yrs back, and somehow or rather, the photos looked like video, replaying by itself in my mind. those were the good old days.
Without u girls, i will not be who i am today. i am glad to have spend half of my life walking tgt with u girls.
The getaways, the hotel staycations, the monthly dinner and daily whatsapp is what make me feel that im loved.

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