Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review on Rachel K CC Cream

Jus came back from hkg last week with my friends.
first trip tgt n definitely not the last.
fun filled and tedious as i would describe
so much walking and buying, filled to the brim L-size longchamp bag with never ending shopping bags.
heavy duty stuff like beauty prdts, fragile items like makeup n even century eggs.
any one person's jaws will cfm dropped when i sa i carry century eggs back.. blehh..

Seriously overspent in HKG..
so much items brought home, food, apparels, accessories, bags, my luggage is seriously over weight!teehee..

Heard frm my fren that there is a new found cc cream (improved version of bb cream).
being a curious pig, i decided to lay my hands on one. there are sooo many cc cream in hkg, that i dunno which to get. Saw Rachel K's one and decided on it, as there are far too many unknown brands liao..

Since i laid my hands on it,
i gonna try to do my 1st review on this CC cream that i bought.
Rachel K CC cream.
Selling in selected Watsons in SG
Heard that in SG there are different tones for the color.
but apparently, it seemed that for my case, i have no tones.
it was only written Original. :)
maybe i shd go to Watsons and check out the color tone for myself.

According to the write-up on the cream,
CC cream is much more refined and improved BB cream which combines benefits all in one.
Color Control; Oil Control; Whitening; Brightening; Moisturizing; & UV Protection with SPF 35 PA ++
It enhanced our complexion by improving its texture, balancing the skin tone and brings forth the quality of real skin - Dewy, Fresh, Elastic and with a Glow.
The end effect is a flawless, non-oily (Matte) and radiant complexion

my verdict:
Oil control is definitely what im looking for in my make up essential. Due to the hot weather in SG, my skin oozes oil like no body biz. my make up cant hold the whole day without blotting.
But when I used the cc cream, the oil seemed to have lessen. makeup can kinda hold longer.
I reckon that the prdt does produce a dewy effect which in fact i love it. easier to pat on powder, as for my case, i use cake, the amount of powder that i patted on is much lesser den the usual norm.
Also, i love the smooth effect after i let the cream sets in.

Pointer: 4.5/5

After all my toner, moisturizer, i will squeezed a lil amt of cream n dab on my face.
the cream is easy to spread, with all my face spread with the cream, i will use gentle patting.
leaving the cream to stay/set in for 2-3 mins or until the cream "vanish", i will cont with my ritual make up procedures.

the color of the cream on a pc of tissue paper.

Color contrast agst on skin
it's kinda of orangey, bt the color will disappear.

Spreading the cream onto my skin, ensure that the area is all covered, and do gentle patting...
the cream smells creamy or typical foundation smells.

After some gentle patting, the cream is disappearing into the skin.

Leaving it to set into my skin after 2-3mins. the area that i applied the cream looks fairer and dewy. smooth to touch and not oily!
not sure if you cud spot, the area of skin that i applied the cc cream to..

This is definitely not my last bottle of CC Cream! yay~!!


  1. Hi there!

    I live in the US and I was just wondering where can you purchase this? Also how much is it? If you could please let me know I would really be grateful. Thank you!


    1. This is the website I purchase it from. Lisa is a youtube guru. Hope this helped :)!/~/product/category=2296346&id=11191703

  2. Hello!
    So sorry for the late reply. I got mine from hong kong and now Singapore is selling this color control cream too . :)

  3. Hi, i've been looking for this cc cream i some Watsons in HK but couldn't find one. Would you mind telling me which Watson you got it from? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hello... thanks for reading my blog. I got my cc cream from Watson's in tsimshatsui. ^^

      Otherwise, Singapore is selling it too!

  4. Hi There,

    Thank you for your great review.

    You can purchase our products online at or email us at if you want to know which stores in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong are selling our products.

    Happy New Year to all of you.
    Rachel K Team