Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love Bonito Review

so sad that FP has closed down my daily freq place.. yikes...
thanks stellina n bbb for setting up this venue for shopaholics like us to post our OTD and online purchases..
for those who can rem me, im pinkstars frm FP. :)

my OTD:
LB Trisha Top - Dark Periwinkle
Mango Mini Skirt
Smooch Delia Cuff
Prada bag
Shoe from HKG

a top that i know i muz get it when i saw the preview
cos i love the unique racer back
slightly rough material but im perfectly ok with it cos it is fully lined, thus it doesnt feel scratchy.
functional buttons yet doesnt exposed or bend in at the bust area.
and the fit at the bust area is perfect, as it doesnt open up when i bent down. :)
a top that i know i will wear it very often... so often that i thot of getting it in another color! ahahaa.. but i haf to be rational!

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